America's Past time is starting in Japan?

Harry HomseyContributor IMarch 24, 2008

On Tuesday, March 25th at 5:00 am Eastern Time, the Major League Baseball season officially begins but it won't be in one of the great ballparks in America.

Instead, it will be played across the Pacific Ocean in Tokyo, Japan.

While 95% of Americans will sleep through the game and not even know that it was going on, the other 5% percent of us will be watching the game as the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics take the field in most likely packed Tokyodome.

Is this far to baseball fans? To make then get up extremely early to watch the baseball season begin? For a lot of fans this is a new begins. Each team has a perfect record, no one is ahead in the standings, hopes and dreams of reaching the world series are in every fans mind. Now this year along with it will come sleep deprivation.

What happened to America's Past-time opening on an calm spring night in an American Baseball Park? I have nothing against baseball being played in Japan, but not the season opener. What gratification does the MLB get out of this? It's not like they're going over there to promote baseball. Japan already has a very furious baseball league. The majority of the people going to the game will only be to see the return of Tokyo's own Daisuke Matsuzaka. Those people probably couldn't care who the Red Sox and A's are, let alone even want to know.

Here's my theory, start baseball where it started over 100 years ago, in America. Have opening night in one of the America's ballparks, hell baseball has 30 to pick from, they can find at least one they like. Then after the season starts send teams over to Tokyo to play, or better yet have them do it during Spring Training and get it over with.

The game of baseball has already been damaged so much with all of the steriod scandals. Do they really need to take away even more of the sports dignity?