WWE's 7 Candidates for Future Divas Champion

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 18, 2012

WWE's 7 Candidates for Future Divas Champion

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    Let’s be honest: WWE’s neglected and marginalized Divas Division is so riddled with problems and flaws, there isn’t simply one step that can be taken to rectify all its issues.

    To start with, it will take time, patience and—GASP!—some logical booking for the WWE creative team to get it back on its feet. 

    Just as important, it will also require some fresh faces on top—we’ve seen Divas Champion Eve seemingly take on every woman in the roster, and several times, too, in the case of Layla and Alicia Fox.  No wonder women’s wrestling in the company has grown so stale.

    With this in mind, here are the top seven candidates in the women's division for their first Divas Championship run. 

    Taking into account these women’s wrestling skills, charisma and personalities, let’s look at just who WWE management should push next.

7. Aksana

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    OK, former NXT Diva Aksana isn’t much of a wrestler—hence her low placing on this list.  Indeed, most of her WWE bouts, including her match with Kaitlyn on last week’s SmackDown, have been mediocre.

    A natural worker, she is not.  

    However, throughout her time in WWE, the photogenic Lithuanian has shown a fair amount of star power and charisma in her role as a vain, arrogant heel. Could this warrant WWE giving her a run with the Divas Championship in the future, in spite of her questionable in-ring credentials?

6. Charlotte

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    Deciding to follow her famous father into the business, Ric Flair’s telegenic daughter, Ashley Fliehr Johnson, signed a developmental contract earlier this year and reported to FCW soon after (via Diva-Dirt). She made her FCW debut under the new name of “Charlotte” soon after (the name is almost certainly a reference to Ric’s hometown of Charlotte, N.C.). 

    Considering Ashley’s famous name and talent, a call up to the main roster—and a run with the Divas championship—seems inevitable. Of course, she's still fairly new, meaning other, more experienced Divas are ahead of her on this list.

5. Kaitlyn

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    Despite spending a couple of years on television and being in the championship mix, former NXT star Kaitlyn has yet to win the Divas title. Could WWE give her a run in the future? Hey, she’s got a marketable look as well as an appealing, bubbly charisma. She could easily be the next breakout female star.

    Kaitlyn has also shown an admirable willingness to get in the ring. However, the results haven’t exactly been great, with many of her matches being filled with botches and poor timing. Sure, she may have a clean win over Divas champion Eve (on last night's Raw), but her flawed in-ring skills explains her low ranking on this list.

4. Tamina Snuka

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    The second-generation Diva has blossomed as a worker in recent times, emerging as one of the better wrestlers in the women’s division. Taller and bigger than most of the other Divas, she also looks physically dominating, something that will likely help her ease into the “monster female heel” spot left vacant by Beth Phoenix leaving.

    Of course, for all her talent, she’s still lacking somewhat in the personality department, often coming off as too bland—hence why she’s not placed higher.

3. Paige

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    On NXT, WWE’s Internet-only developmental show, British Diva Paige (aka Saraya-Jade Bevis) has shown herself to be a great all-round talent, managing to churn out decent little matches with the likes of Audrey Marie and Sofia Cortez as well as displaying a decent amount of charisma. Throw in her girl-next-door good looks, and she’s arguably everything WWE could possibly want in a Diva.

    The 20-year-old has yet to be called up to any of the main shows yet, but with the company’s depleted women’s roster, it seems like only a matter of time. A Divas Championship run looks to be in her future, for sure.

2. Naomi

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    Naomi, who wowed many with her athletic prowess during the third season of NXT, has barely been used as a wrestler since debuting on the main show. So far, her only in-ring outing was at Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view, in which she lost to Divas champion Eve in a decent but short match. (Naomi had won a No.1 Contender's Battle Royal at the pre-show earlier in the show.)

    No followup to this was given on last night’s Raw. Instead, she was back to being a dancer to comedy midcard wrestler Brodus Clay as he wrestled and beat JTG. While this gives her something to do—and Clay’s act is a lot of fun—it really is a waste of her talent.  She should be wrestling, not managing or dancing.

    Ideally, WWE would take her off television, repackage her, bring her back and allow her to mix it up in the Divas Championship picture with the likes of Eve and Layla. Let’s hope the company decides to give her another shot as a wrestler at some point in the future.

    However, despite her talent, she's still not terribly over with the fans, which is why she's not at No. 1...

1. AJ Lee

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    With her vibrant personality, respectable in-ring skills and quirky charisma, the newly turned AJ Lee tops this list. Indeed, with the possible exception of Eve Torres, Lee may be the best all-round performer in WWE's women's division.

    Interestingly, despite being WWE’s most pushed female performer in 2012, by far, she has yet to win the Divas championship (well, she has been busy breaking John Cena's heart). But no doubt, WWE creative will be seeking to rectify this soon, with a title run for her looking to be inevitable.