The Basketball Jones Drops Hilarious NBA Christmas Comedy

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 18, 2012

The good people at The Basketball Jones have a collection of hilarious Holiday songs that will have you rolling. 

From the land of ubiquitous infomercials comes a parody of sorts from NBA blog, The Basketball Jones. Really, if there is one video you should concern yourself with this Holiday season, it should be this one. 

It perfectly encapsulates all the antics from the early part of what has been a wonderful regular season.

Be warned, there are a couple of instances of NSFW language, including a hilarious S-Bomb dropped by an adorable NBA fan, albeit a disappointed one.

The whole TBJ crew delivers in some over-the-top holiday hilarity as well as some pretty spot-on lyrics. But first, there is a cavalcade of songs that piqued our interest (:23 second mark). 

I simply must have "All I Want for Christmas is Jrue" and "I'm Dreaming of the Raps Winning" on my iPod this season. I could also imagine blasting, "Auld Deng Syne" at the gym. 

It's been tough on Lakers faithful this season, but even you have to agree the chuckles come fast and often with, "Just see those Lakers stumbling, bum-bum-bumbaling through."

You had to know some Lakers trolling would end up in a video like this. Through purple and gold tinted glasses, I LOL'd at the, "Pau Gasol, Pau Gasol, Pau Gasol" refrain. 

From Andrew Bynum to the Nets backcourt backups, the TBJ crew pretty much touches upon all the necessary aspects of the season that make us laugh. 

And then we get a bonus guffaw with a remake of "The Hanukkah Song" that will have us forget all about Adam Sandler, but in a great way. 

No need to make anymore holiday videos, Internets. The season has been won. 

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