Tramel Terry: Is Georgia Commit Headed for 2013 Redshirt After Knee Injury?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIDecember 18, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star wide receiver and Georgia commit Tramel Terry suffered a knee injury in the Shine Bowl this past weekend, and the diagnosis is not good.

According to a report from Miller Safrit of, Terry tore his ACL, which is a devastating knee injury for a football player:

Georgia commit Tramel Terry, the 56th-overall prospect and 6th-ranked athlete in the ESPN 150, was carted off the field at The Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas shortly before halftime.

"They tell me I tore my ACL, but I don't know about that," Terry told ESPN RecruitingNation. "It feels fine to me. I'm going to have an MRI on it as soon as I get back to Charleston."

The knee is obviously one of the more important parts of an athlete's body, and that's especially true for wide receivers. They need to be able to put pressure on it to get a good jump off the line, make crisp cuts and maybe most importantly—jump for the football.

Planting the foot is a crucial part of all of those football movements, and soreness or damage in the knee can severely hinder that movement.

Not having a knee at 100 percent can seriously impact the effectiveness of a wide receiver, and that's something Georgia is going to now have to take into account with Terry. Thankfully, if there is a silver lining it's that injury happened in December in the offseason. Also, Terry is planning on enrolling in January, which will allow him the benefit of recovering at Georgia under team supervision.

Terry will be looking at about a six-month recovery period depending on the course of action, which would mean he could get back to fully using that knee around June of 2013. Even then, though, it won't be the same.

The question then becomes: Is Terry headed for a redshirt in 2013?

Yes would be the safe answer, and the more logical one as well. If Georgia redshirts Terry for the 2013 season, it would give him a whole season to rehab and hit the weight room. There's also the added benefit of being able to learn the scheme, get to know the team and have that added experience as a college athlete.

As far as Georgia's 2013 needs are concerned, receiver Malcolm Mitchell will be returning as a junior, as will Michael Bennett, who will be coming back from his own ACL tear. Richt's 2013 class also features four wide receivers in 4-star Jonathon Rumph, 4-star Reggie Davis, 3-star Uriah LeMay and 3-star Rico Johnson.

The Bulldogs will be just fine from a depth standpoint at the receiver position. Michael Carvell of states that Terry was expected to contribute as a backup running back as well, but with Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall as the main options, Georgia has to be feeling good about that position as well.

If Richt can bring in 4-star running back Alvin Kamara—who has Georgia at the top of his interest list right now, according to 247Sports—the Bulldogs will be be set in the backfield. That's not even to mention current sophomore running back Ken Malcome.

Georgia can afford to give Terry a redshirt, and in the end, it is the smarter option.

It will give him a whole season to recover, and in the meantime he can hit the weight room and the film room and practice with the team.

In the long run, having that extra season could pay huge dividends for the talented wide receiver and Georgia.

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