Antonio Cesaro: Examining How He's Primed to Be WWE's Breakout Star in 2013

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2012

Antonio Cesaro: Examining How He's Primed to Be WWE's Breakout Star in 2013

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    Antonio Cesaro is primed to be the WWE’s next breakout star in 2013.

    The current/former United States Champion has developed in front of our eyes as a formidable wrestler. His raw strength and dominance over the midcard division is proving the WWE that fans he isn’t going anywhere but up.

    Cesaro managed to get fans invested in him as a heel. Here are a few qualities to Cesaro’s success and what can make him WWE’s breakout star next year.


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    Cesaro is one strong wrestler.

    The Swedish wrestler manhandles men his size like cruiserweights. He was able to lift Brodus Clay for the Neutralizer. He also carried Sheamus on his shoulders, hitting a modified torture rack slam.

    In his match last week against Kofi Kingston, Cesaro caught Kingston in midair and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kingston is not a big man, but he isn’t a small guy either.

    Cesaro is only showing glimpses of his strength. That will continue factoring into his wrestling style.

Ring Work

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    Cesaro is putting on solid matches wherever he goes.

    His match with Kingston last week was a great bout between the United States and Intercontinental champions. He also had a good showing in a fatal 4-way, defeating Kingston, Wade Barrett and R-Truth.

    His pay-per-view matches are standard, only demonstrating his ability to dominate his opponents. He’s defeated Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel and R-Truth consecutively.

    Cesaro utilizes the European Uppercut like no other wrestler. He can lift an opponent up and master it.  He can even hit the uppercut, leaping off of the turnbuckle.

    Cesaro has truly made the move his own. It’ll help separate him from the other wrestlers in the WWE.

U.S. Title Reign

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    Cesaro has been the U.S. champion since SummerSlam, when he took the title from Santino Marella at the event’s pre-show.

    Since then, he’s put on quite the reign. Going into 2013, he’s done a lot for making the championship credible again.

    Fans are invested in Cesaro’s run, regardless if they cheer or boo him. The U.S. champion has made the title important through his matches and personality. He started out as a boyfriend to Askana. When they separated, Cesaro really rose and made his reign a great midcard one.

Heel Promo Work

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    Cesaro has standard heel promos though it’s nothing special it’s still effective.

    While Askana was his valet, he spoke in six different languages. It proved to be annoying and showed Cesaro can draw heat. Yet, it wasn’t enough.

    When Cesaro cut ties with Askana, his promos got better. He changed his style to make a classic heel tactic: insulting the fans.

    He’s grown on the microphone, especially when verbally attacking the fans. His latest promo on Smackdown showed he was effective by throwing insults at the U.S. and getting the reaction he desired.

    Cesaro isn’t given much time on the mic, but when he does have it, he makes his time effective.

Potential Feuds

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    The feuds could be endless for Cesaro.

    A potential feud with Kingston seems inevitable. They’ve had great matches whenever they fight. All they need is an established feud.

    Another possibility is Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior and Cesaro provided fans with physical matchups. In fact, both men defeated each other in count out victories. The WWE should put them together again to settle this.

    It would also be interesting to put him in feuds with his old Ring of Honor buddies. Could you imagine the battles he could have with Daniel Bryan or CM Punk?

    Antonio Cesaro could become the fastest rising star in 2013. If handled right, he can become a main eventer sooner than later.