Who Is Big E. Langston, and What Are His Intentions?

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

As the WWE universe settled in to watch a match that can only be described odd, its world was quickly disrupted by a destructive force looking to make an immediate impact.

Simply put, Big E. Langston did exactly that on Raw.

After Raw managing supervisor Vickie Guerrero made the rash decision to put herself in a match as John Cena’s tag team partner, simply to exact some revenge on her arch-nemesis A.J. Lee and her former client Dolph Ziggler, the two women had a quick exchange of offense before both eventually retreated to the backstage area.

While Vickie remained in the back, A.J. returned shortly after with Langston, as the crowd in Philadelphia wondered what exactly was about to happen.

Roughly 30 seconds later, they had their answer, as Langston hit Cena with some quick power moves before laying him out for good with The Big Ending. He then stood over a prone Cena, admiring his handiwork.

And while the Raw announcing team certainly knew who Langston was, many in the crowd and most watching at home had very little idea of who this man was that had just destroyed the face of the company.

Over the last few months, Langston, the current NXT champion, had been rumored to soon be making his main-roster debut. His combination of power and quickness is unlike that of almost anyone else on the roster and will be his greatest attribute going forward.

Langston is also known to demand a five-count instead of the traditional three-count when attempting to pin his opponents.

As seen on Raw, his Big Ending finisher is nothing short of devastating.

Of note is that Vickie Guerrero once offered her managerial services to Langston, which was eventually refused. Guerrero then put a $5,000 bounty out on Langston, which to date, no one has been able to collect.

A former college football player at the University of Iowa, Langston was signed by the WWE in 2009 and has made his name in the developmental territories ever since. In addition to the NXT title, which he recently won from Shield member Seth Rollins, Langston was also one half of the FCW tag team champions on one occasion.

Langston also boats a very impressive powerlifting resume, besting state and national records at the U.S. championships in 2010. His lifts included a 611 pound squat, a 490 pound bench press and a 749 pound deadlift. He later won the USAPL Raw Nationals 2011, breaking the raw American and national records in the deadlift (799 lbs) and total (2,039 lbs) in his weight class.

With this impressive resume, Langston can essentially rest on his laurels and let his accolades speak for themselves. However, he has chosen to align himself with A.J. Lee.

What is their relationship, and where does their plan go from here? Could Guerrero’s past indiscretions be the source of his hostility?

Wrestling fans know at this point that A.J. is a loose cannon at best.

But what happens now that she has a near-300-pound monster at her beck and call?