NCAA 13: Under Armour Uniform Pack 3 Available for Xbox 360, Due Jan. 15 for PS3

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NCAA 13: Under Armour Uniform Pack 3 Available for Xbox 360, Due Jan. 15 for PS3
image from NCAA Football 13

EA Sports NCAA Football 13 keeps the uniform updates coming—and these updates aren't just reserved for schools playing in BCS bowl games. The newest Under Armour pack features Maryland, Temple and Northwestern.

From a pure visual standpoint, NCAA 13 is still one of the more attractive games around. Adding to the already impressive set of uniforms available just adds to the presentation—even if a little late.

The Terrapins putrid uniforms are captured in all their "glory", as you can plainly see from the feature image. In contrast, I'm fond of the Owls and the Wildcats alternate digs. At this point, I'm starting to think the folks designing the Terrapins unis actually strive for the ugliest ensemble they can create.

image from NCAA Football 13
image from NCAA Football 13

If that indeed is the goal, they have have succeeded with flying colors.

These new uniforms are available for Xbox 360 gamers right now for 160 Microsoft Points. PS3 gamers will have to wait—as usual—for the update. Per EA Sports, Sony gamers can have at these alternate unis on January 15.

Every bowl game will be done by that time, but for diehard NCAA 13 gamers, it'll still hold some value. Many will be playing their third, fourth—maybe even fifth—season and beyond by that time.

The alternate uniforms will be a nice touch for those that are getting the most out of their Dynasty mode experience. Have you ever played a college sports video game so long that none of the original roster is still left on any team?

That's when you know you're hardcore—or lonely.

If you're so inclined, hit up the NCAA Football 13 Uniform Store on the game's main menu. That is where you can download this most recent uniform pack, and all of the other previously released packs.

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