WWE TLC 2012 Results: Dolph Ziggler's Mega Win Signals a Title Shot in 2013

Mike ShiekmanFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2012


With briefcase in hand, Dolph Ziggler has become the company’s main-event darling in 2013.

Expect the Heavyweight Championship belt and subsequent defenses, perhaps even before WrestleMania.

Ziggler had lost to Cena twice leading up to the TLC main event, setting up an obvious opportunity for the Money in the Bank case holder to maintain it in his possession.

With that briefcase holds Ziggler’s legitimacy as a main-event wrestler. His rise to the cream of the company crop will not be a short one, as he as been prepped with Raw main events in the past month.

He needed an assist from AJ Lee at TLC, who turned heel on Cena and ultimately sealed Ziggler’s fate. Not before a few signature moves and the Super Kick from the victor, though. 

Now Ziggler’s transformation from the upper-mid card to the main-event level is complete. The wrestling world awaits what the company will do with him next.

Will he be thrown into the World Heavyweight championship conversation immediately? It seems likely, but the WWE could have other ideas before WrestleMania. 

Between Ryback, Cena, Undertaker, CM Punk and the Rock, the company certainly has a ton of options to work with if they do not see Ziggler as a main-event draw. 

During their most popular three-month period, it may be smart to keep Ziggler hovering around the main event card and let his Money in the Bank challenge loom over the next couple pay-per-views. 

With all that said, it’s likely Ziggler will make his rise before hand, as there’s no reason to hold off his storyline. He’s a hot commodity at the moment and if the company decides to blow steam off of him now, he may never be able to gain it back.

Dolph Ziggler will hold a championship belt by WrestleMania. He may not have it by the big event, but he’ll be squarely in the main-event realm.