WWE Monday Night Raw, Dec. 17, 2012: Top 5 Questions Left Unanswered

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WWE Monday Night Raw, Dec. 17, 2012: Top 5 Questions Left Unanswered

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    The first WWE Monday Night Raw following Tables, Ladders and Chairs was full of surprises but few answers. Some Slammy Awards were most deserved, such as Triple H claiming the Match of the Year Award for his WrestleMania match with the Undertaker.

    However, others were surprising and questionable, like John Cena winning Superstar of the Year over WWE Champion CM Punk. Other surprising moments tonight included the return of Ric Flair and many actions by AJ Lee.

    Speaking of AJ’s actions, fans were left pondering many inquiries after tonight’s episode of Raw.

    Here, I will discuss AJ’s actions and the top five questions fans were left wondering after tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Why Did AJ Lee Screw John Cena?

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    While accepting her Slammy Award for Kiss of the Year, AJ Lee did not give a definitive answer as to why she pushed John Cena off the ladder, allowing Dolph Ziggler to superkick Cena and claim his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    After Dolph Ziggler entered to separate Vickie Guerrero and AJ, the Diva of the Year shared another passionate kiss with another superstar. Is AJ starting a romantic relationship with Dolph Ziggler?

    Dolph Ziggler appeared surprised with AJ’s actions at TLC and on Raw, and AJ’s declaration that she “doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone” could mean she is just a crazy chick.

What Does the Future Hold for Ric Flair and WWE?

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    Ric Flair finally made his return to WWE TV to announce the winner of the Superstar of the Year Slammy Award. Throughout his re-debut in WWE tonight, Flair had confrontations with CM Punk and The Shield, with Ryback and Team Hell No making the save for Flair.

    Flair’s return raises the question: Was this a one-time even, or will Flair continue to make appearances on WWE TV?

    While general manager of Monday Night Raw would be a suitable role for Flair, WWE would have to be certain the lawsuit with TNA would not have an effect.

    Hopefully Ric Flair continues to make appearances on Raw and SmackDown, either as a general manager, manager or any other type of non-wrestling role.

When Will Dolph Ziggler Cash in His Money in the Bank Contract?

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    For the first time in months, Dolph Ziggler was close to cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. However, once again someone interfered and did not allow Ziggler to cash in. Last time it was Randy Orton; this time it was the man Ziggler defeated just 24 hours before, John Cena.

    After successfully retaining his Money in the Bank contract, fans can continue questioning when Ziggler will cash in and attempt to become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

    Tonight appeared to be a great opportunity for a new champion since Big Show’s feud with Sheamus has run its course, yet WWE continues to let Big Show reign as World Heavyweight Champion, so the wait remains.

When Will Alberto Del Rio Complete His Face Turn?

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    Last night, Alberto Del Rio attacked 3MB when they put their hands on his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. It appears as though we could be witnessing a face turn for Alberto Del Rio.

    In my recent article debating the direction of Alberto Del Rio’s character, I didn’t even think of a possible face turn. However, Del Rio’s turn is not complete.

    In order to complete the face turn, Del Rio needs to get on the mic and deliver a promising and impressive promo. Del Rio spoke of his destiny when he entered the WWE as a heel and now he must find a way to connect with the crowd as a fan favorite.

    Del Rio’s face turn would also benefit him if he continues to be booked in matches against heels just like WWE did with Del Rio’s recent partner, the Miz.

Who Is Big E Langston?

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    One of the most surprising moments of tonight’s episode of Raw came at the conclusion, when AJ Lee returned to the main-event match with NXT Champion Big E Langston.

    Fans who do not regularly follow NXT may not know who Big E Langston is. However, Langston is a superstar who Jim Ross claims has that “it factor.” When you have a fan in good old J.R., chances are you could have a big future in WWE.

    It is still to be determined how Langston will be used. His partnership with AJ is intriguing since she has not been mentally stable or stable with any one guy in WWE.

    This new partnership is one to keep an eye out as fans learn more about Big E Langston.


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    As we head down the road to the Royal Rumble, tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw has left many doors open to different possibilities and questions to be answered.

    The future of Ric Flair in WWE, Alberto Del Rio’s character, Dolph Ziggler’s Money in the Bank contract and the direction of AJ Lee are all unclear scenarios one night after the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view.

    Overall, it was an entertaining show, except for another Brodus Clay and JTG match as well as the Great Khali and David Otunga match. Other than those two useless matches, Raw delivered excitement, intrigue and hope for WWE’s future.

    How would you answer these five questions? What questions do you have left unanswered after Raw? Please leave your comments, suggestions and questions in the section below.


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