NFL: Top Ten Teams It's Tough to Be a Fan of

Keith JusticeContributor IIIDecember 18, 2012

NFL: Top Ten Teams It's Tough to Be a Fan of

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    Some fan bases—such as Pittsburgh, New England and San Francisco—have seen years of great fortune and great football.  Others—not so much.

    Not every city has had a lot of luck over the past few decades.  For some, it's bad upper office management.  For others, bad coaching.  Perhaps for a few more, it's bad luck.  

    But whatever the reason, there are a handful of NFL teams that just can't seem to find continued success—and in some instances, any success. 

    Here are a list of the top 10 teams that require some combination of patience, aspirin and wishful thinking to survive.

10. New York Jets

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    For years, the Jets have watched their cross-town rivals find continued success while they have skirted on the edge of being simply "decent."

    Long gone are the days of Broadway Joe, or even Richard Todd, for that matter.  The Jets have not managed to have any semblance of continued success since, well, never.  Where have you gone, Curtis Martin, a nation lays its lonely eyes on you.  

    Nice uniforms though.   

9. Tennessee Titans

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    The Houston Oilers were a team that was always good, almost great, but could never quite get past their division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.  

    Sadly, the Oilers became the Tennessee Titans, and they became much more boring.  Their really cool powder blue uniforms turned into the strange light blue/dark blue thing the Titans suit up in, and the team lost their identity.

    Yes, they did have one remarkable season that ended in a Super Bowl appearance, but since then it's largely been hit or miss.  

    Jeff Fisher had an impressive mustache and Chris Johnson has gold teeth—both of which gave them a bit of credibility—but other than that, there isn't much to hang your hat on.  

8. New Orleans Saints

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    Ever since Drew Brees and Sean Payton rolled into town, the Saints have been a consistent Super Bowl contender.  They even won one.

    But before that—it was many, many years of agony.  Not many teams can claim that fans wearing bags over their heads were more recognizable than the players they put on the field.

    Saints fans had to live through the regrettable trade of Ricky Williams for an entire draft, their team move temporarily to San Antonio when Katrina devastated their city, and the NFL ruin a season because of Bountygate.  

    But they do have that Super Bowl. 

7. Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Chiefs have long been the team that never seems to reach the levels prognosticators feel they will reach.  

    They also have never had a real quarterback since Len Dawson.  Younger fans probably would look at that last sentence and say, "who?"  

    My apologies to Joe Montana fans, but he was at the end of his rope when he donned the red and yellow.

    Kansas City does have great barbecue and a really cool emblem, so there is that.  

6. Buffalo Bills

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    The Bills have had great players.  O.J. Simpson, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed, to name a few.  They even made multiple Super Bowl appearances, although they never came up the victor.

    But the NFL has a short memory, and Buffalo hasn't been relevant in years.  It's the Siberia of the NFL, and no one wants to play there.  

    Buffalo is one of the smallest markets, there is little potential for national media exposure and it's really, really cold.  

    But other than that, it's a lovely city.

5. Detroit Lions

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    Barry Sanders might be the greatest running back in NFL history.  Alex Karras had a nice acting career.  And, inexplicably, the Lions are always a featured team on Thanksgiving.

    Other than that, there is no real reason to like the Lions, 

    They have never been serious Super Bowl contenders.  Not ever.  Not even with the great Sanders.  Even their new model as the villainous team that evokes memories of the Piston bad boys has not found success.

    Eminem and Kid Rock would not approve. 

4. Miami Dolphins

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    South Beach has its attraction.  A certain basketball player was happy to bring his talents there.  It has beautiful weather, beautiful women and delicious Cuban food.  

    The Dolphins, however, have been terrible for many years.  

    We should note Miami was a tremendous destination when the names Don Shula and Dan Marino were in the mix.  Unfortunately, it's been a bit dry ever since Marino tucked away his Isotoner gloves and retired.  Tony Sporano and Jay Fiedler just don't have the same ring.  Or success.

    And why, by the way, was a quarterback playing in Miami hawking winter gloves?  Just a question.

3. Arizona Cardinals

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    The Cardinal franchise previously called Chicago and St. Louis home before packing up their blocking sleds and moving to the desert.  

    Sadly, they have had very little success in all three cities.  

    Yes, there was a surprising Super Bowl appearance, but things have reverted back to normalcy ever since.  

    The Cardinal franchise is a proud one, but mostly proud for their longevity, not their success.  The good news, though: at least Cardinal fans don't freeze their bones while watching their team struggle in mid-December.  

    Those fans that still show up, we should say.

2. Cleveland Browns

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    Jim Brown was a superstar.  Since then... well, there was Brian Sipe.  Or Bernie Kozar?

    Has any team had fewer stars then the Browns in the last thirty years?  Cleveland has long been a suffering team for their fan base.  Their fans also have to deal with the slap in the face that their original team went on to success after Art Modell packed up their belongings and moved to Baltimore.  

    The new version of the Browns has been somewhere between awful and mediocre.  If the football gods had any sympathy, they would give the long suffering fans of Cleveland a Super Bowl winner.  These fans deserve it.  

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    If the NFL were to disband the Jaguars in 2013, it is likely no one would notice until about six weeks into the season.

    Enough said.