Ryback: 5 Reasons Why WWE Needs 'the Big Hungry'

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistDecember 18, 2012

Ryback: 5 Reasons Why WWE Needs 'the Big Hungry'

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    Ryback is perhaps the hottest commodity of the year in WWE.  Live audiences love him, yet the Internet Wrestling Community is mixed.  While fans may criticize Ryback for looking green, going forward, WWE will need Ryback.

    With many household wrestling names in or near retirement, WWE will need Ryback to rise to the occasion and be a top card talent for years to come.  Here are five reasons why. 

5. New Names

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    Like Damien Sandow, Ryback is one of the newcomers in WWE who will have to step up to the challenge of leading WWE into the future.  As I write this, Ryback just won the Slammy Award for Newcomer of the Year.  People like Cena, Triple H, Undertaker and others are at or near the end of their careers.  

    Even CM Punk is in his mid 30s and probably has five years maximum left in his career.  The new, younger wrestlers will have to carry WWE.  Ryback is over with the crowd, and, barring injury or poor work, will likely be at the top of the card for years to come.  WWE needs him to live up to that potential.

4. Ryback Has Time

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    We had a Boogie Man sighting on Raw!

    So Boogie Man has nothing to do with Ryback, but he's holding a ticking clock.  And a ticking clock is exactly what many current WWE Superstars are fighting.  

    As I mentioned before, much of WWE's top talent is aging.  In fact, some of their biggest drawing wrestlers this year are part time wrestlers, such as Triple H, The Rock, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar.  Others are nearing the end, like Big Show, Kane and yes, even Cena and Punk, who are in their mid 30s.  

    Not so with Ryback.  After Punk and Cena are gone, Ryback will still be here, as will others like Sandow, Ziggler, Sheamus and Rhodes.  Ryback realistically has another 10 years to give WWE.  If he can remain healthy, he will be a cornerstone of top WWE feuds for a decade.

3. Ryback Is over with the Fans

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    Ryback is over.  Big time.  What few "Goldberg" chants remain are now quickly replaced with "Feed Me More" chants.  Ryback is fast becoming a bona fide superstar.  WWE desperately needs that.  Outside of Cena and Punk, there just aren't guys on the WWE roster that can carry the company—yet.  

    Wrestlers like Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and others will perhaps become company leaders in the future, but Ryback is already there.  The fans chant his name, call for his finisher, and scream for him when he isn't out in the ring area.  WWE needs more guys at the top, especially faces.  

    Punk, Sandow and others are or will likely be top heels.  They need a complimentary top face to emerge.  WWE needs Ryback to be that face.

2. Merchandise Sales

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    Merchandise sales are a huge part of WWE's revenue stream.  How long can WWE count on wrestlers like Cena, Punk, the Rock or Undertaker?  

    Ryback gives WWE a new merchandising opportunity.  So long as Ryback stays in the good graces of the fans, his merchandise will continue to fly off the shelves, as it is now.  WWE needs those sales.

1. WWE Needs a Monster

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    Ryback is a classic "monster" wrestler.  Power moves, few words and lots of pain.  Like Goldberg, Mark Henry and Batista before him, Ryback can be that monster.  

    WWE needs him to be that monster.  

    Monster wrestlers fill a role in pro wrestling that other wrestlers just can't.  They are the ones who execute big, power moves that get fans going crazy.  No, they may not be the best technical wrestlers or have the best mic skills, but they make up for those deficiencies by destroying opponents.  

    Ryback fulfills the fans' desire to see a beat down.  Sometimes, it's exactly what people want to see.

    If Ryback can stay healthy, he's got the strength to dominate opponents for years.  And whether he's a face or a heel, he'll be able to execute big-time power moves.  And that's what WWE wants from him.  That's what the fans want.  

    It's the kind of wrestler WWE needs.  WWE needs Ryback.