Jeremy Lin Looks 'Linderful' on Return to Knicks' Madison Square Garden

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 17, 2012

A much more measured and Rockets-fueled version of Linsanity returns to Madison Square Garden on Monday night. 

Last season, Knicks fans had really only one reason to smile, and that was due to the rise of Jeremy Lin and his Linsane boost of brilliance.  A year later, things are very different—a sentiment that is delivered beautifully here in this music video taken from Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight."

For Knicks fans, they are hoping their former superstar is less than wonderful as he heads into Madison Square Garden for the first time since switching to a Houston Rockets uniform. 

Knicks fans may cheer for Lin one more time before dousing him with the obligatory boos from the stands, because things are fairly awesome at the moment in New York. 

The team has a conference-best 18-5 record and is looking every bit the team to beat out East. So you can see how the bedlam that should come in tandem with a Lin sighting would be greeted with mere nonchalance. 

We don't need you. 

That's pretty much the sentiment of the song as the team continues to pile on wins and Lin continues to be a serviceable guard out west. 

Linderful is the new Linsanity. It's much more reserved, pleasant and not the least bit threatening. Kind of like the Houston Rockets. 


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