Zack Ryder Lashes out at WWE on Twitter

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 17, 2012

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Alas, it seems there is currently some lingering tension between YouTube sensation Zack Ryder and his employer, World Wrestling Entertainment.

Last night, over at his official Twitter account, Ryder grumbled about his plummeting status in the company, noting that last year at TLC he defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the United States Championship in one of the most heavily promoted matches on that card, only to be entirely left off this year's event.

In a frank post, Ryder stated:   

TLC is tonight in New York’s . Last year I won the US title at TLC. This year I got an e-mail saying that I was not needed.

Interestingly, despite not actually being at the show, Ryder remained one of the most over-performers in the building.

After The Miz and Alberto Del Rio announced they would be seeking a mystery tag team partner for their impromptu match with 3MB later in the evening, loud "We Want Ryder" chants rang out. (Long-time jobber Brooklyn Brawler was later chosen for the spot.)

This is not the first time that Ryder has taken to Twitter to complain about his marginalized role in the company.

In April, he noted to followers that the company had taken to editing his popular YouTube show Z! True Long Island Story against his wishes. 

A couple of months later he even hinted that he wasn't long for the company, saying he may even be back on the New Jersey indie scene sooner than later. 

In August he complained about his lack of television time despite his high numbers of followers on WWE-affiliated social media service Tout. 

Then, in October, he slammed the company for pulling an entire episode of his show.

Considering all this, Ryder appears to face an uncertain future in WWE. He's still over with the fans, and has a huge social media presence, sure. But the company's unwillingness to give him a meaningful push, as well as his harsh public criticism of them, looks to be bringing issues to a head.

Just how long will WWE be willing to tolerate a performer who so brazenly criticises them?  

But, hey, it's not all bleak for Ryder: As he mentioned last night, Z! True Long Island Story just won a Slammy for best web show. Well, that's something.