TLC 2012: Can We Expect to See More Singles Competition from the Funkadactyls?

Luis CamposAnalyst IDecember 17, 2012

Last night in a shocking turn of events members of the WWE Universe got to see Naomi and Cameron Lynn, Brodus Clay's so-called Funkadactyls, compete in the TLC YouTube Divas Battle Royal Pre-show.

Both women were fierce competitors in the match having boasted a vast array of moves seldom seen from the dancers-turned-wrestlers-turned-backup-dancers. 

The Funkadactyls' in-ring performance resulted in a stunning match result with Naomi, a former Orlando Magic cheerleader, winning the Battle Royal for an opportunity to face the Divas Champion, Eve Torres, later in the night. 

For those who have been following the careers of the Funkadactyls it should come as no surprise that—compared to some of the other divas on the roster—they are actually decent in-ring competitors. 

Those who watched the third season of NXT may remember that Naomi came in second place for that competition and was a favorite throughout the season—losing only to the highly charismatic Kaitlyn. 

Naomi's skills would again be allowed to shine later in the TLC pay-per-view, during a match for the Divas Championship. 

Though Naomi would come short of grasping the title from the incumbent, Eve, her return to the ring was a nice surprise and could be indicative of things to come. 

With the WWE highlighting their desire to improve the much struggling Divas Division in  2013, Naomi and Cameron Lynn's return to the ring could be integral members to the resurrection of the division.