Manchester City News: Balotelli to Challenge City Fine in Tribunal

Frank Wagner@Fw1812Correspondent IDecember 17, 2012

If there's one thing Mario Balotelli has shown in his time at Manchester City, it's that he isn't going to make anything easier for his club.

In over two years at the Etihad, Balotelli's numerous incidents on and off the pitch, from setting his home ablaze after putting off fireworks in his bathroom the night before a derby to throwing darts at youth team players, have left manager Roberto Mancini bemused, befuddled and beside himself.

In April, after the Italian striker picked up a red card against Arsenal, Mancini said that Mario was done at the club and wouldn't play again.

This time, it might be true.

Due to all the disciplinary actions taken against Super Mario over the past year, the club levied a £350,000 fine on the striker (two weeks' wages) as punishment.

However, instead of paying up and moving on, Balotelli decided to fight the fine, but City's board decided to uphold the penalty.

Now, still unsatisfied, Mario has decided to take the matter to a Premier League tribunal.

This course of action will surely anger City, as the blue side of Manchester probably feel justified in their actions given the number of chances that they have given their striker.

With Balotelli falling out of favor with Mancini after his lackluster performance against Manchester United last week, this might just mark the end of Mario's days at the Etihad.

After all, City have at three more world-class strikers to choose from and didn't even have him travel with the Club to Newcastle for the Club's 3-1 victory.

With all of these signs pointing to the expendable nature Balotelli's place on the club, could a January transfer loom for the combustible striker?

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