Houston Texans: The 5 Best Highlights of the Season so Far

Matt Goldstein@mattgoldstein5Contributor IIDecember 17, 2012

Houston Texans: The 5 Best Highlights of the Season so Far

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    The Houston Texans are now 12-2 on the season, and it has been an exciting ride. They have come from behind in dramatic fashion, and have also completely dominated several games.

    The Texans have not gotten to where they are now without leaving behind some breathtaking highlights. 

    In a season where the team has played so incredibly, it is tough to discern which one should be considered "Top Five."

    Nevertheless, here are the top five highlights from the Texans' season up to this point.

No. 5: J.J. Watt's Outburst vs. the Colts

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    For this highlight, I could not find a video that was compatible with BR, so here is the link.

    In Week 15 against the Indianapolis Colts, J.J. Watt proved once again why he should be unanimously named the Defensive Player of the Year.

    Watt poured in three sacks on the day, bringing him within three of Michael Starhan's record. Watt used his unique combination of surprising speed and remarkable strength to blow by a struggling Colts' offensive line and bring down the highly-touted rookie quarterback, Andrew Luck, several times.

    Watt did much more than just pour on sacks in this game. 

    He led the Texans with 10 total tackles, and was also responsible for six tackles for loss. 

    The only knack against Watt in this game was that he did not swat down a pass at the line of scrimmage. Whatever.

No. 4: Danieal Manning's Weaving Interception Return against the Titans

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    Against the Tennessee Titans, Danieal Manning pulled off one of the greatest plays of his career.

    Matt Hasselbeck unleashed the ball downfield in an attempt to connect with his tight end. Hasselback, though, launched the ball just a little too high, and his tight end tipped the ball into the air.

    Manning sprinted up, intercepted the ball and took off.

    He weaved his away between potential tacklers, sprinting from one side of the field to another, and eventually found a clear path to the end zone.

    Johnathan Joseph absolutely creamed a Titans player on a key block that secured the touchdown for Manning.

    It was an extremely exciting play that essentially ended the Titans' chances of winning the game.

No. 3: Kareem Jackson's First Career Pick-6

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    This next highlight comes from the same game as Danieal Manning's, and it also features an interception returned for a touchdown.

    Kareem Jackson, an often criticized member of the Texans' secondary, silenced all of his critics with this play.

    Matt Hasselbeck was attempting to connect with a screen pass with his wide receiver, but Jackson jumped the route, picked off the ball and the rest was history.

    Jackson sprinted towards the end zone, and once he saw that he was in the clear, high-stepped the final yards in a moment of pure jubilation.

    While Manning's interception was much more visually impressive, this play represents Jackson's complete turnaround as a cornerback.

    Once upon a time, Jackson was considered the worst thing to happen to the Texans' secondary, but now he became accepted and praised.

No. 2: Arian Foster's Receiving Touchdown against the Bears

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    For this highlight, I could not find a video that was compatible with BR, so here is the link.

    It was Sunday Night Football, and the Texans were matched up against one of the best teams in football: the Chicago Bears

    The weather was a mess, rain was pouring down and the field was extremely muddy. Combine these conditions with two dominant defenses, and it is obvious why this game was such a low-scoring affair.

    In fact, Arian Foster tallied the only touchdown on the day, and it was a good one.

    Matt Schaub faked the handoff to Foster in the backfield, who then proceeded to sprint towards the right corner of the end zone.

    At the same time, Schaub rolled out to his right in a classic Texans' bootleg, looking for a receiver to toss a touchdown to.

    He found Foster, who was being draped by a Bears' defender. Schaub, unfazed by the tight coverage, threw the ball to his Pro Bowl running back.

    Foster dove, caught the ball by his fingertips, secured the ball as he landed and scored the touchdown that would go on to win the game.

No. 1: Andre Johnson's Game-Winner vs. Jacksonville

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    Andre Johnson's game-winning touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime is by far the best highlight of the Texans' stellar season.

    The Texans trailed the Jaguars for the majority of the game, and after an incredible comeback, the Texans sent the game into overtime.

    In OT, neither offense seemed able to finalize the deal and score the game-winning points. It actually appeared that the vaunted Texans might tie the lowly Jaguars.

    Then, after the Jaguars turned the ball over on downs, Matt Schaub hit Andre Johnson on a screen pass.

    Utilizing his blockers, Johnson sprinted towards the end zone.

    Johnson broke a tackle towards the end of the play, and then turned the speed on to outrun another defender into the end zone.

    Reliant Stadium erupted, and Johnson leaped into the crowd.