WWE TLC 2012 Results: Has Alberto Del Rio Turned Face?

Elliott BinksSenior Writer IIIDecember 16, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

In one of the night’s stranger moments, the Three Man Band were selected as the special guests for an impromptu pay-per-view instalment of Miz TV.

After some brief cavorting on the Miz’s props, the group eventually proceeded to intimidate and essentially bully the Spanish announce team of Carlos Cabrera and Marcelo Rodriguez.

This prompted an embittered interruption from Alberto Del Rio, who came to the aid of his fellow compatriots with a spirited assault on each of 3MB members.

It was certainly a surprising development in what was an altogether unusual segment, but nonetheless it immediately yielded one big question:

Has Alberto Del Rio turned face?

The Mexican Aristocrat went on to align himself with fellow newly turned face The Miz, which only seemed to confirm this potential swerve from WWE’s Creative Team.

As well as that, recent speculation has postulated that such a plan was very much on the company’s agend, due primarily to their reported desire for a “Hispanic babyface.”

This could of course have been a one-off event, and it would be naive to get ahead of ourselves and assume that this is indeed a concrete heel turn. But either way it has brought the possibility to the forefront of many a WWE fan’s mind.

So what would an ADR face turn mean for the WWE?

Well first of all, it would bring Del Rio back into the limelight of WWE programming.

He has played a fairly insignificant role over the last few weeks since the conclusion of his entertaining feud with Randy Orton, and though he may not be massively over with the crowd, he remains a solid worker in the ring and thus warrants a regular spot in WWE storylines.

Also, the fact that he is not currently involved in any major angle means a face change would make perfect sense from a logical standpoint.

But perhaps the biggest point would be the effect it could have on other superstars.

Most notably, I’m talking about Randy Orton.

Turning another star face will leave an even greater void for Orton to fill, should his much-rumored, and much-desired, heel turn come to fruition.

Now I’m not necessarily saying that Del Rio can be as good a face as Orton, not by a long shot; he’s nowhere near over enough with the crowd yet. But from a sheer numerical perspective, having guys like the Miz and Del Rio assume face roles will make an Orton heel turn much more feasible.

And furthermore, it could yet work for Del Rio himself.

He got a good reaction from the crowd with his interference at TLC, and in my eyes his moveset also looked rather more interesting than the vicious and methodical stomps that his heel-character so often relies on for much of his offence.

Together with Ricardo Rodriguez, there is certainly potential for Del Rio to be a success as a face.

It’s definitely a novel move from the company, and could be exactly what the former WWE champion needs in order to revitalise a career that has been in danger of stagnation for a number of months now.

I for one am certainly behind the idea, and am intrigued to see where this one goes.

It may of course lead nowhere, but the Mexican just seemed far too out of character for this one to go along unnoticed.

Opinion is very much widespread on Alberto Del Rio, though, so I’m sure many of you will have your own thoughts on this situation.

Would a run as face work out?

Is it even likely?

Or is the whole idea simply doomed from the start?

Comment below with your feelings on his potential heel turn, as well as any other relevant input that you may have regarding Alberto Del Rio and WWE TLC 2012.