Team Rhodes Scholars' WWE TLC Win Leads Them to Team Hell No

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2012

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Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara at WWE TLC on Sunday night in a match that now makes them No. 1 contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships.  

The match was fast paced with some high spots and ended after Sin Cara went through a table from the ropes to the outside of the ring.  

Now, I for one say bring on Kane and Daniel Bryan.

The team of Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes seemed an odd fit at first.  They were two WWE Superstars who had virtually nothing in common when they began tagging together.  Sharing only a mutual disdain of the fans and a limitless arrogance, Rhodes and Sandow came together to form a partnership that is gaining traction with fans every week.

In other words, it’s getting over.

They are a good fit.  Cody’s pretty-boy gimmick that had warped into the tortured soul has now morphed into its newest version, that of the self-righteous continental.  His attitude melds well with Sandow, whose sense of culture places him above everyone he comes into contact with.

Sandow is funny, which helps him with the crowd because, let’s face it, there is virtually no way his character can be taken seriously the way he runs it.  

Rhodes has that humor about him as well.  And thus far, he and Damien are completely oblivious to the jeers they receive and are utterly bewildered that not every fan is on board with their quest to bring culture to the masses.

For a team like this, they would probably match up well against a team that is more professional, straight-faced and intense.  This way the chuckles would be balanced out for a more well-rounded feud.

Kane and Daniel Bryan?  Yeah, they’re not that team.

Team Hell No is one wink away from an all out laugh-fest.  Every time Bryan and Kane are on TV, they are entertaining, their spots making for one funny moment after another.  

There is nothing overly dramatic or intense about them, other than their partnership that has been strengthened by the rivalry with the Shield.  But, fans expect both Kane and Daniel to turn it on and bring their war faces when the moment calls for it.

However for the most part, Team Hell No is daring you not to smile.  They know what their job is, they understand it’s all about making the fans happy.  And for them to face off against Cody and Damien, who are as witty and humorous as any heels we have seen in a while, means that we are in for some funny moments in the near future.

So who goes over when Team Rhodes Scholars gets their WWE Tag Team title shot?

Many fans have been predicting the demise of Team Hell No from the beginning, even before they had officially had a tag team name.  The fact is that Bryan and Kane are two very combustible personalities who cannot agree on anything except their dislike for each other.

It’s safe to say that their partnership is tenuous at best.

Realistically speaking, though, Daniel and Kane will eventually part ways, and it could be at the hands of Rhodes and Sandow.

But for me, if that is the case, then it should not happen right away.  Not only do these two teams match up in terms of overall entertainment value, they also match up pretty well physically.  

For the first time, Team Hell No has legitimate contenders who can stand toe-to-toe with them in nearly every way imaginable.  And when two tag teams like this have the potential for heat and can measure up to each other in so many ways, then you don’t just stop with one match.

Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars should not be a one-and-done contest.  This is a rivalry that could go on for quite a while and would provide some entertaining moments in a division that has been reborn, thanks to these two teams specifically.

So, bring on Kane and Daniel Bryan.  Let’s do this.