WWE TLC 2012 Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistDecember 17, 2012

WWE TLC 2012 Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

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    Heading into TLC on Sunday there were several questions that should have been on everyone’s mind.

    Would The Shield deliver?

    Who would walk away with the Intercontinental Championship?

    Would Sheamus finally be able to overcome the Big Show and win the heavyweight title?

    Some questions were answered by the time TLC came to an end, and lessons were learned as well.

    AJ Lee, for example, is crazy.

    TLC delivered on Sunday, and was a solid way for the WWE to end 2012. Throughout the pay-per-view several questions were answered and lessons were learned by the time TLC ended.

    On Monday night, Raw will leave us with even more questions as the 2012 year starts to come to an end.

    Before Raw, though, here are several questions and lessons learned after Sunday's PPV.

Question Answered: Will the WWE Continue to Push Cesaro?

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    When Antonio Cesaro won the United States championship from Santino Marella, it happened on a YouTube Pre-Show.

    Now, several months later, Cesaro defended his title on an actual pay-per-view.

    Antonio has made strides since winning the title, dropping his annoying girlfriend Aksana for example.  He has broken out on his own with his anti-American rants, and his ability in the ring.

    It’s hard to imagine R-Truth winning at TLC, but after the push his tag team partner Kofi receive, why not take a chance and push Truth too?

    Instead, the WWE decided to stick with Cesaro, which is the right decision. He keeps improving while being U.S. champion, and while his feud with Truth might be over, there is always time to find another wrestler for Cesaro to feud with.

    Cesaro's time as U.S. champion has been a trial for the wrestler. Marc Middleton reported over at WrestlingInc.com that WWE officials believe Cesaro will eventually get over with the fans, and is expected to hold on to the belt unless they have a change of plans.

    Truth is a solid wrestler to drop the belt on if they decided to change their plans for Cesaro, but clearly they are sticking with him and hope he can get over with the fans.

Question Answered: Who Will Walk Away with the Intercontinental Title?

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    Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett looked like either one of these wrestlers might win.

    Would Kingston remain champion, or would Barrett capture the prestigious Intercontinental title?

    After a hard fought match, Kingston gained the upper hand on Barrett and retained the title.  The feud between these two has been building nicely, and hopefully will continue to build as the WWE gets set for Royal Rumble.

    Kingston has been a pretty solid intercontinental champion so far, and it's nice to see WWE push other wrestlers and let them see what they are able to do.

    What will the WWE do with Wade Barrett though?

    While we finally know who walked away with the Intercontinental title, will the WWE continue to keep these two feuding, or decide to send them separate ways?

    They had a great match, and a solid feud building, so hopefully we will see Kingston vs. Barrett in the future.

    Kofi retained the Intercontinental title, but his feud with Wade Barrett might not be over just yet.

Lesson Learned: the Shield Delivered

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    While The Shield vs. Team Hell No and Ryback wasn't the main event of TLC, their match easily could have been.

    Everyone knows how well Kane and Daniel Bryan can step up when needed, and while there were questions of how well Ryback would perform at TLC, the main spotlight was on The Shield.

    Would these young wrestlers be able to step up and deliver at their first pay-per-view?

    They were thrown on somewhat last minute after CM Punk was injured, so it seemed like a trial by fire for these three young wrestlers.

    After their TLC match though, The Shield delivered.

    From their bumps in and outside of the ring, to their overall teamwork, The Shield came across as a solid team, and took out three of the best wrestlers in the WWE.

    Ryback might seem like he is unstoppable in the ring, but the Shield overcame him, and the extremely impressive team of Kane and Daniel Bryan.

    They delivered on a pay-per-view level, and hopefully the WWE will continue to push these three young wrestlers.

    The Shield went above and beyond what anyone expected.  As the crowd in Brooklyn started chanting, this is awesome, it became clear that The Shield is going to be the future of the WWE.

Lesson Learned: No One Gets Up from a Big Show Sized Chair Shot

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    The Big Show using a massive chair to end his match with Sheamus was ridiculous, and only adds to the bad gimmick of a chairs match.

    Still, Sheamus couldn't handle taking a shot from the massive chair.

    He survived a WMD and a chokeslam, but wasn't getting up after being hit on the back by the massive hunk of steel.

    Their match ended up being solid overall, but ending with a huge chair seems like either hit or miss.  It seems a little corny to use a huge chair in a chairs match, and actually sell it as a devastating weapon.

    Since the chair was bigger than normal, and the Big Show used it, it might look more dangerous than a normal chair.

    But was the chair really that much more dangerous?

    Besides for the extra weight, it really couldn't have been much worse than a regular chair shot.

    Still, it was funny to see Show take out a Show sized chair, and while the ending could be either hit or miss, the overall match turned out to be solid like all the other Sheamus and Show matches have been.

    No one gets up from a Big Show sized chair, not even Sheamus.

    Clearly the WWE is going to push Show as the World Heavyweight champion, but what are they going to do with Sheamus now that he has lost yet again?

Lesson Learned: AJ Lee Is a Good Type of Crazy

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    AJ Lee is one woman not to be messed with.

    She seems to change in the blink of an eye, and it was never clearer than at TLC.

    From running out to the ring to stop Vickie Guerrero from using a chair on John Cena, to turning her back on Cena in the end, AJ Lee is crazy, but she makes things that much more interesting.

    While her impersonation of John Cena was a little sloppy, probably partly to blame on Guerrero, the crowd reacted when she pushed the ladder over while Cena climbed to the top.

    Then she simply left the ring after shooting Dolph Ziggler a bit of a crazy look.

    Is AJ Lee with Ziggler now, or is she simply crazy?

    What would make her snap enough to push the ladder while Cena was climbing up, after coming out to save him in the first place?

    AJ started getting a little crazy last Monday night on Raw, and at TLC she went completely nuts.

    Her crazy streak though, makes things extremely interesting, and that's a good thing.

Question Answered: Did Dolph Ziggler and John Cena Deliver?

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    Ziggler vs. Cena in a ladder match for Ziggler's World Heavyweight contract might not have been the best match of the night, but it did deliver.

    Both wrestlers looked impressive, and while Ziggler walked away with the win, Cena still deserves some credit.

    He did do one of the worst hurricanranas ever seen, but he still made Ziggler look good, and took his fair share of bumps.

    The Shield vs. team Hell No and Ryback easily stole the show, but Ziggler and Cena was a very close second.

    More importantly, Ziggler proved he deserves to be on Cena's level, and for a main event that wasn't even for a title, it was one of the best of the year.

    Yes, Ziggler and Cena delivered at TLC.  They did have some help of course, with AJ Lee adding to the match, but the overall performance should be credited to both wrestlers.

    The real question though, is where does each wrestler go from here? 

    What will Cena be thrown into now that he has lost to Ziggler, and had AJ turn on him?  He will, without a doubt, play a big role in WrestleMania, but what will the WWE do with him until then?

    And now that Ziggler has clearly proved he is a main event wrestler, will he use his Heavyweight contract, or does the WWE have other plans for him?

    Ziggler and Cena delivered at TLC, and put a good ending to one of the better pay-per-views of 2012.