Brooke Hogan: The Heir Apparent to Stephanie McMahon?

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIIDecember 16, 2012

Photo courtesy of Google Images.
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

The idea of Brooke Hogan being a part of Impact is laughable at best, isn't it?

The only reason she's on Impact is because of her failed music career and her father Hulk Hogan. Brooke has no business being a part of professional wrestling and will be the other Hogan responsible for TNA's downfall, right?

Wrong! Believe it or not, Brooke Hogan might be just one of many solutions to TNA's problems.

Utilized the right way, Brooke could breathe life into current storylines by turning on her father and becoming the next Stephanie McMahon. At the peak of the Attitude Era and beyond, McMahon was one of the most hated characters in sports entertainment. After hooking up with future husband Triple H, the good girl showed just how bad she could be. She not only turned her back on her father Vince, she also proved that she could be as bad if not worse than he was. The McMahon-Helmsley Era brought out the best or worse in Stephanie McMahon.

Brooke turning her back on the Hulkster would be compelling, if done the right way. This means we don't see it coming at all until it's too late, and Brooke cutting the promo of all promos as to why she turned on daddy dearest.

She could blame him for their family being torn apart, for her brother Nick going to jail and her mom Linda wanting a divorce. I'm sure this would strike a nerve on so many levels that might be more than either of the Hogans can handle.

Of course, there's no turning back. If Brooke takes this step, she has to be willing to go all the way.

Follow up her treachery with an unexpected alliance with someone like Austin Aries, A.J. Styles, Garrett Bischoff or worse, Eric Bischoff, and you have the start of a more compelling character and storyline. She could be the catalyst for young stars from outside the company that don't fit a particular mold, to come in and make an impact.

Can Brooke pull it off? I say she can. So far her outside interests have not really panned out. At the end of the day she is and always will be Hulk Hogan's daughter. Unless she has a breakthrough album or lands a breakthrough acting role, Brooke isn't going anywhere and she shouldn't.

This could be the break she's been looking for if she is serious about being a part of the business. Hopefully this idea has been tossed around and if so it has been taken into consideration.

Wouldn't you want to see a badass Brooke standing on top of the wrestling world? I wouldn't mind.