TEW 13: Review and Impressions for Newest Edition for Total Extreme Wrestling

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 16, 2012

image from Total Extreme Wrestling 2013
image from Total Extreme Wrestling 2013

Console gaming can only go so deep in regards to options for sports games. The titles with the most depth are almost always found on PC.

Wrestling is no different as Grey Dog Software attempts to push the virtual wrestling envelope with Total Extreme Wrestling 2013. If you're looking for stunning graphics, animation and other visual gymnastics, that's not what TEW 2013 aims to accomplish.

This game is perfect for the wrestling fan that fashions themselves a booker or head of a creation team for a wrestling organization.

TEW has been producing the titles and updates since 2005. The many fans of the series understand what to expect from this franchise, but for those who are unaware, here is a summary of what TEW 2013 has to offer.


Options, Options, Options

If you think WWE 13's Universe mode is deep, the options in TEW will blow your mind. From complete customization of wrestlers, factions, managers and personalities to the full arrangement of multiple organizations and story lines; this package of options is impressive.

More than any other sports text simulation, TEW allows you to create your own sports entertainment world.

As a matter of fact, the game can be a bit overwhelming for new gamers. Before you get into the action of seeing your creations play out (via text) there is tons to arrange.

If you take a moment to grasp the extent of what you're controlling, it really is quite impressive.



The action from the events plays out via text on the screen, but don't take that to mean the experience can't be addictive. If you love running the show, you'll be hanging on every word you read.

Throughout the evolution of TEW, the developers have worked to improve the visual presentation of the game. There is only so much visual improvement to make to a text-sim, and Grey Dog certainly tends to cater to their cult following.

They understand this experience is about depth and simulation, and it definitely delivers.

In TEW, you're not trying to win individual titles, you're trying to build a successful promotion. The game does a great job encompassing everything a booker, creative team and owner would have to consider.

You can keep track of the results and fall-out from your decisions via the text, but also in the form of TEW's fictitious TEW.com. It focuses on all the regions you choose to represent.


Try it For Yourself

This is such a deep experience, and due to the nature of the game you have to play it for yourselves to truly grasp the extent of what TEW 2013 offers. Click here to try the demo. Even if you're a fan of the WWE video game series, this is still worth a look.

To learn more about all the options available, read developer Adam Ryland's journal.

It's not for everyone, but it is hard not respect all that has been put into this project.


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