The Miz: Will He Ever Be Considered a Top Player in WWE Again?

Drake OzSenior Writer IIDecember 18, 2012

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The Miz “needed” to turn babyface, or so we thought.

After the self-proclaimed “most must-see WWE Champion in history” found himself getting lost in the shuffle during the first half of 2012, many fans begged and pleaded for him to turn face.

A couple of months ago, that wish was granted when the WWE pulled the trigger on that face turn for a guy who’s spent essentially his entire career as a bad guy. 

The logic behind the turn was to freshen The Miz up because he had evolved into one of the stalest characters in the entire WWE and needed to do something different to turn his career around. 

Yet, The Miz’s face turn hasn’t gone quite like the WWE likely thought it would.

For whatever reason, babyface Miz just isn’t clicking. He’s been far too annoying, and other than being put in segments and matches against heels, he hasn’t really done anything different as a good guy. 

Although The Miz is generating decent reactions from the crowd, his babyface run has largely failed up to this point, which has many questioning both his short and long-term futures in the company. 

The Miz is a great ambassador for the WWE, so he’s not going anywhere. But in terms of making it back to the main event scene and staying there, there are certainly no guarantees that that will happen.

The issue for The Miz is that what seemed like the best thing for him, a face turn, isn’t working out as well as most expected it to, and what happens next could play a pivotal role in determining what his future holds.

If WWE officials don’t like how his face turn is progressing (or not progressing), there’s always the possibility that he stays in that face role but takes another plunge down the card like he did in early 2012. 

Another possible option would be to turn The Miz heel again as soon as possible, but history tells us that turning a star too much often leads to more bad than good. 

So it’s now up to both The Miz and the WWE to do two things: Make his face turn work, and use the turn to get him back to the main event and World title picture.

While things aren’t looking good for The Miz right now, we shouldn’t give up on him or his chances of climbing back up the card. Despite what some believe, his future is still very bright.

According to (via, “The feeling is that he (The Miz) is one of their best talkers and does a great job representing WWE with promotional and charity work. “

As noted before, The Miz has developed into arguably the WWE’s top representative for ventures outside of the WWE. He’s the go-to guy for media appearances, interviews and charity functions, and by all accounts, he’s excelled as an ambassador for the company. 

Since he’s such a great representative for the WWE, he’s going to get more chances than most to succeed because the WWE wants him to. also notes: “They are looking for the best way to bring Miz to the next level and the feeling is that the best way to do that is turn him and do it in an organic way. Miz turning babyface isn't being planned to be a short-term angle and the turn itself will reportedly take time, if WWE has it their way.”

Note that the WWE wants The Miz to turn in an “organic way,” which could explain why he’s still been a bit obnoxious during his face turn and has left many fans disappointed because of it.

Rather than force an overnight face turn, though, the creative team seems to be having him go about his turn slowly and letting it play out over time. Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t wrestled much lately, with the idea being that he needs to stay out of the ring until he’s more established as a good guy. 

Whatever the reasoning, however, The Miz is getting the opportunity to turn his career around, and unless his face turn fails miserably (it hasn’t yet), he should make it there. 

He can work the mic, he’s made drastic improvements in the ring, and perhaps most importantly, he’s someone that the WWE has really invested in. 

The WWE would not have put The Miz in a WWE Studios film or turned him face if there weren’t at least some plans to promote the guy as one of the top stars of the company going forward.

Of course, there’s always the chance that The Miz continues to struggle as a babyface and never fully recovers. But it’s too early into his run as a good guy to make any final decisions on what it means for his future.

He needs time to adjust to his new role, and the WWE will give him that time because he’s seen as one of the poster boys of the company and a potential top star down the road. 

The Miz has been to the top before, and with the continued support of important people within the WWE, he has as good a chance as anyone to make it back there.


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