Chicago Bears Break out Throwback Jerseys for Week 15

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Chicago Bears Break out Throwback Jerseys for Week 15
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, Bears fans. The boys are breaking out the throwbacks for their battle with the Green Bay Packers.

While the accuracy of that statement hasn't been verified, the Chicago Bears would do well to find any possible advantage against the Packers. The season is spiraling out of control, and the division could fall into Cheesehead hands if a defense isn't mounted today.

In all seriousness, the effect on the game will be limited. Unless the orange is so distracting that Aaron Rodgers gets sidetracked while going through his progressions, the only relevant discussion will center around their aesthetic value.

Which, according to most of the folks on twitter, is quite high.

Actually, you're not. They're quite popular among the Chicago faithful.

But this is Twitter. If too many people like something, there are bound to be a few "haters."

That's certainly one view. Although the next guy might not be buying one anytime soon, you have to appreciate his glass-is-half-full approach.

Ultimately, the uniforms won't mean anything unless the Bears can take down the hated Packers. But the optimism permeating from the first tweet might have some substance behind it.

This is fandom at its finest. I say run with it.

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