United Football League's First Season Draws Near

TJ JenkinsAnalyst IMarch 25, 2009

Is the United Football League (UFL) going to be any competition for the NFL come October, 2009?

None whatsoever.

But, that doesn't necessarily mean that in the future it can't get big and become a rival to the National Football League, especially with all of the new rules that the NFL is going to be imposing come this season.

Based on the times, I've decided to become the resident UFL expert, just because I need football in my life.

As of right now, four teams are slated to be in the league. Those teams are going to be based in Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and San Francisco. The Las Vegas franchise is rumored to have a home game in Los Angeles and the New York franchise will hold a home game in Hartford.

The UFL's salary cap is going to be much lower than the NFL's. The rumored number will be between $12-20 million for each team, where they'll be trying to pay at least $1 million to 10 players or so per team.

Owners in the UFL technically only own half of the franchise, while the UFL itself owns the other half. This is so spending does not destroy the league via player salaries.

Sooner or later shares in each team will be made open to the public in attempts to garner more money and interest for the blooming league.

All reports that I've read have said that three of the teams are building a training facility in order to prepare players for the season. Perhaps it will help to make the players bond together and give the league a family-like atmosphere.

The head coaches for the four teams have been announced already and you'll recognize each name. Jim Fassel will head the Las Vegas franchise, Ted Cottrell will coach in New York, Jim Haslett will call Orlando his home and Dennis Green will get comfortable in San Francisco.

Player signings begin in July, with training camp and the season to follow.

Everything I've read says that the UFL is almost identical to the NFL. Hopefully, it will be without the newest rule changes set by Roger Goodell to destroy the NFL.

Some of this you may know, some you may not care about, but I'm making a promise to deliver any and all UFL news as it becomes available to myself for your enlightenment and enjoyment.

Check back often.