TUF 16 Finale Results: Power Ranking the Stoppages from Vegas

Craig Amos@@CAABRMMAFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2012

TUF 16 Finale Results: Power Ranking the Stoppages from Vegas

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    The The Ultimate Fighter 16 finale is now in the books, and if you are a fan of finishes, this was not a card you would wanted to have missed.

    From the Facebook prelims, Fuel TV fights and FX main card, a total of nine stoppages were recorded on Saturday night. Among those stoppages were six knockouts and three submissions.

    Here, we'll take a look back at how each of the nine finishers was able to get the job done and examine just how impressive each fight-ending KO and submission was.

9. Dustin Poirier Submits Jonathan Brookins Via Brabo Choke

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    Walking forward with his hands low and his chin in the air caught up with Brookins near the end of the first round of his bout with Dustin Poirier. The former Ultimate Fighter winner was repeated tagged, buckled and then submitted with 0:45 remaining in Round 1.

    It was a nice finish by Poirier, but it looked like Brookins was actively trying to get him there. He made it easy for Poirier to connect, then stuck his neck out as he dove in for a wobbly takedown. 

    All he really forgot was to paint a bull's-eye on his chin and enter the Octagon with a leash.

    Still, credit Poirier for damaging Brookins enough to cause him to lower his guard and forget himself. 

8. Hugo Viana Knocks out Reuben Duran Via Punch

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    Viana's seventh career win was also his first finish. And it was a pretty vicious one.

    After flooring Duran in the opening moments of the match, Viana continued to pressure his opponent, mitigating his chances to recover. 

    Eventually, the onslaught simply proved too much for Duran, and a right hook from Viana turned his opponent's lights out with 55 seconds remaining in the bout's opening frame.

7. Johnny Bedford Knocks out Marcos Vinicius Via Punches

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    After battering Vinicius around for an entire round, Bedford decided enough was enough and went for the kill. 

    He got it with a vicious flurry of punches that started with a stiff right hand and ended with referee Kim Winslow pleading with him to stop.

    The knockout was violent, but lacked the sort of shock value that comes with a sudden stoppage. Because Bedford had been utterly annihilating Vinicius for six minutes, it was kind of anticlimatic.

6. Mike Pyle Knocks out James Head Via Knee and Punches

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    It took Mike Pyle just 1:55 to do in James Head, finishing the bout with a knee from the clinch and a flurry of follow-up punches.

    In the opening moments of the match, it appeared as though Pyle might be the one put to sleep, but he was able to shake off the damage and stop Head not much later.

    It was Pyle's third straight knockout win and possibly his most meaningful to date. 

5. T.J. Waldburger Submits Nick Catone Via Triangle Choke

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    After one round of jostling for position with Catone, Waldburger decided to make the fight's second frame a little bit more exciting.

    He came out aggressive, slinging punches that floored Catone, then followed up with a guillotine choke that looked to have his opponent in trouble. Catone eventually escaped, but Waldburger was able to adjust and switch it to a triangle choke.

    Catone refused to tap and ended up going limp. It was a terrific finish for Waldburger, his third as a UFC roster member.

4. Pat Barry Knocks out Shane del Rosario Via Punches

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    After fending off del Rosario's submission attempts for the latter half of Round 1, Barry came out in the second and blitzed his relaxed opponent.

    The result was a crushing series of punches that backed del Rosario up, sat him down and turned his lights out.

    There's no knockout quite like a heavyweight knockout, and Barry's knockout was nice even for the big boys.

3. Roy Nelson Knocks out Matt Mitrione Via Punches

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    Nelson and Mitrione wasted no time getting down to business in their TUF 16 finale showdown, slugging it out from the opening bell.

    Both fighters landed some big shots, but it was Nelson who landed the biggest, flattening Mitrione with a right uppercut and following it up for the finish at the 2:58 mark of Round 1.

    The knockout was a nice one and was made even exciting by the fact that it was the culmination of an extended exchange.

    Excellent work by Big Boy Roy.

2. Mike Rio Submits John Cofer Via Armbar

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    Rio's armbar submission wasn't as pretty as either Dustin Poirier's Brabo choke or T.J. Waldburger's triangle choke, but situationally, it was the most important stoppage of the night.

    It came with less than a minute remaining in what had been a hotly contested affair, so it could have very well saved Rio from defeat. Maybe he was ahead on the cards, maybe not. But because of the armbar he landed, he'll never need to know. 

    And given what sometimes happens when a fight goes the distance, that's definitely a very good thing for Rio.

1. Rustam Khabilov Knocks out Vinc Pichel Via Slam and Punches

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    This one tops the list because of how unique it was. Knockouts by punches or kicks happen all the time, but how often do you see a suplex finish a fight?

    So what if Khabilov had to seal the deal with some follow-up punches? The slam is what really rattled Pichel's brains and caused the knockout.

    Maybe it was not Quinton Jackson power-bombing Ricardo Arona, but Khabilov's suplex finish was still a terrific and rare way to score a finish in a mixed martial arts bout. 

    The novelty of the knockout makes it the cream of the stoppage crop in a night characterized by a massive harvest of finishes.