Watch Danilo Gallinari Alley-Oop to Himself off Backboard

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2012

Danilo Gallinari found himself in a tough spot in the Denver Nuggets game against the Memphis Grizzlies, as Marreese Speights ground him to a halt, but didn't end up keeping him from scoring.

Always the creative player, Gallinari created a bit of space to Speights' left, threw the ball up, seemingly in an attempt to just get rid of it, caught the ball as it came back down and slam dunked it with a nice flush.

Not only did he pull off one of the rarest individual plays in basketball, an alley-oop off the glass to himself, but he did it in traffic against one of the league's best defensive teams.

It's not an easy thing to pull off; in fact, the last time I can remember anybody doing this during a game was nearly a year ago when Kobe Bryant did it (in the middle of a lane full of defenders, no less) against the Houston Rockets.

Gallinari's individual heroics weren't in vain. The Nuggets went on to take the lead just a few plays later and eventually take down the sliding Grizzlies 99-94 late in the fourth quarter.

The big man has struggled a bit this year, but he's gotten back on track as of late, and really, this is just an example of what makes him so good: Not only can he pull off alley-ooping to himself off the backboard, but he's also able to have the presence of mind to make these decisions when there's nothing else on the table.