WWE TLC 2012: How Dolph Ziggler Remains a Man Without a Title

David LevinSenior Writer IIDecember 17, 2012


Sometimes it is better to fight the battle and lose the war. This might have been the best case scenario for Dolph Ziggler.

While he won (well technically AJ Lee won) the Ladder Match with John Cena and thus retained his Money in the Bank contract, did he really help himself by retaining his "title?"

As it appears now, there is no real room for Ziggler, who always seems on the edge of becoming the next big thing in the WWE, to cash in and become the World Champion.

In other words, AJ Lee did not do him any favors tonight when she turned on her beau and cost Cena a chance at facing Big Show.

We all knew that was coming.

Ziggler did not cash in against Sheamus and certainly will not cash in against Big Show unless he turns face, which I cannot see happening.

I'm not sure if we saw a face turn by Alberto Del Rio Sunday night when he came to his announcer Ricardo Rodriguez's rescue (along with The Miz), thus setting up a tag match with The Miz. If ADR did make the "turn" to becoming a fan favorite, then most certainly Ziggler will remain a heel with the World Title and be one of the more popular ones in the WWE.

Seeing The Miz and Ziggler square off would be a great feud to see, by the way.

Big Show would likely have to lose to someone like Kofi Kingston in order for Ziggler to rise to the top of the mountain and if that were the case, then Kingston would be a transitional champion, which would do nothing for his career. 

Ziggler would then be able to cash in and possibly beat Kingston, which is a more plausible scenario. Right now, Big Show is the company's best heel and one of the few performers who seems to get better with each week. The WWE does not want to lose that momentum.

So Ziggler now plays the waiting game again as the WWE tries to figure out what it wants to do with its MITB contract holder.

In the meantime, we will all now be part of sorting out the mystery of why AJ Lee double-crossed John Cena. That seems to be more important than crowning a new World Champion.

Oh, the drama of it all.