WWE Superstar Ryback: "Feed Me More" Drowns out "Bill Goldberg" Chants

Alan DawsonContributor IIIDecember 15, 2012

Source: wwe.com
Source: wwe.com

Ryback's intimidating aura, shaved head and ability to sweat at a moment's notice are all analogous to former WWE superstars. His strong-arm beatdowns that lead to two-minute pinfalls have been witnessed by beasts from the past, and his wrestling repertoire has been inspired by a variety of sources.

His gorilla press and clotheslines may be reminiscent of Ultimate Warrior and JBL, but there is one other dominant savage who Ryback is often compared to by fans at the gate. The chants of Bill Goldberg haunted The Big Hungry at house shows, Raw and SmackDown and at pay-per-views since his breakout earlier this year.

And, while the fan reaction initially irked Ryback (he proclaimed himself the better athlete and wrestler in one edition of the WWE Magazine a couple of months ago), the 31-year-old has now offered a more modest approach, stating to The Miami Herald that it is only fair "that people are loyal to Goldberg and rightfully so."

"Once I got to TV, I think maybe the style of matches and the facial hair [drew comparisons]. I think it was the intense style and the undefeated streak. It never bothered me one bit and never will because I was a wrestling fan all my life. We become very loyal to those we see on TV before us.

“It’s only fair that people are going to make comparisons to new talent that may come up. Not necessarily that I was a brand new talent, but people are going to make comparisons."

Since Ryback has been elevated to main event status, the Goldberg chants have become seldom, while Feed Me More now appears the staple sentiment bellowed down from the fans in attendance. Ryback points to his own character development and greater exposure as the cause for this.

"I know that I’m a lot different than [Goldberg]. I’m a different character and different in a lot of ways. It took time for people to see that. As you’ve seen, the Goldberg chants have gone down tremendously, if not completely gone away.

"Every once in a while you will hear fans at TV or the pay-per-view try to get them going, but they are drowned out by, ‘Feed Me More.’ If I was going out there every night and doing the spear and Jackhammer and mimicking his mannerisms, then yeah, they would probably still be there.

"But there is a lot more to Ryback. I understand them, but they don’t bother me at all. It just takes time to get a fanbase and have people become loyal to you."

At the Tables, Ladders and Chairs event at the new Barclays Center on Atlantic Avenue in New York this weekend, Ryback teams up with popular duo Team Hell No, taking on villainous trident, The Shield.

The heel outfit, consisting of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, have been a thorn in Ryback's flesh but could present the chest-thumping primate with ample food and a long-running feud.

If he's lucky, it might be enough to starve off the Goldberg chants for one more day…