More Intolerable with a Win: Alabama or Notre Dame Fans?

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2012

More Intolerable with a Win: Alabama or Notre Dame Fans?

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    One of two teams is going to take home the crystal ball this season, and whichever it is, Alabama or Notre Dame, will earn bragging rights for the near future.

    While fans of a team that wins the national title deserve the right to make themselves heard, they can get a bit annoying, especially when comparisons begin to be made to the best teams in the history of sport.

    So which fanbase would be worse with another title?

    That's what this article explores.

    No offense is meant to either the Notre Dame of Alabama faithful, and the majority of their fans are pretty reasonable people who seem like decent human beings.

    It's the unfortunate fringe who believe their team is the best in the history of the universe that make this article even possible.

    Good arguments can be made for either side and will be in the following pages. The results are the unofficial findings and may be revisited after the actual game.


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    We have the makings of a great dynasty to rival the best in college football forming in Tuscaloosa.

    The team is playing for its third title in four years, the program is led by the indomitable, granite leader Nick Saban and the sky is the limit.

    This is the program of "The Bear" and Namath, the program that has dominated college football in recent seasons, and forced its way into the national title game by virtue of an unmovable defense and the most efficient offense in the nation.

    Quarterback A.J. McCarron is set to win his second BCS title game, something no quarterback has done.

    The Tide have owned the conference that owns everybody else, the SEC, and will be looking to continue the conference's streak of dominance.

    The inevitable result of this win will be another year of SEC fans gloating, although the majority of them were pounded by the Tide and their relentless attack this season.

    Alabama fans will have every right to crow about this title, if the team takes it, again leaving the Tide atop the college football universe.

    Even so, the level of excitement and insanity Tide fans demonstrate will undoubtedly be incredibly painful to those of us who must listen to odes sung about Lacy, Saban and Mosley.

Notre Dame

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    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and that seems to be what most people feel they are seeing here with Notre Dame.

    Every year, the media, ever eager to pull in readers and make a splash, predict the Irish to be relevant on a national level.

    And every season, with the exception of very few, Notre Dame has been irrelevant on that level for the past two decades.

    But they are back!

    At least, that's what Irish fans will be telling us all if they manage to pull off the upset and beat Alabama in the title game.

    The Irish do have a long and storied history, dating back over a century, and that's the problem.

    Irish fans will celebrate and remind us that Notre Dame is the greatest program in the history of the game.

    But that history, other than this season's success, is far in the past.

    If fans focus on recent success—Te'o, Golson and Kelly—and not ancient history—Rockne, Holtz and Montana—there gloating might be bearable.

    I have a hunch that's too much to ask of this intense fanbase.

Who Is Worse?

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    The verdict is in.

    While the Tide fans and their ever echoing "Roll Tide" will seem unbearable if their team wins, it will be nothing compared to the Irish faithful.

    Having to spend an entire offseason listening to Irish fans act as if Notre Dame is in the middle of another dynasty would be close to unbearable.

    Yes, one title is a great accomplishment to be able to stand atop the college football heap and proclaim your supremacy.

    But, with no offense meant to either side, Notre Dame fans are going to be hard to deal with if the Irish win.

    We love you guys, you are part of the tradition that makes college football such great sport, and your vitriolic hatred for all things not Irish is great.

    Your program has given us great players—Ismail, Montana and Golic—but please try to keep the celebration of the program's history another time if the Irish do win, and keep your celebratory impulses to discussing the merits of this season's team and not belaboring us with the glories of days gone by.