6 Things on Shad Khan's Holiday Wish List

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 20, 2012

6 Things on Shad Khan's Holiday Wish List

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    You can never say that I am not in the giving mood. While there are only three weeks left in the season, (thank the good Lord, for the Jacksonville) the Jaguars can still hope for miracles (like a win over New England) and ask for Santa to bring them lots of goodies from the North Pole.

    After Sunday's 24-3 debacle in Miami, it would appear no one on the Jaguars roster is safe from being let go.

    There are too many holes, too many excuses and way too many question marks. This team is in need of a makeover in the worst way. With the exception of Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon and Paul Posluszny, what does this team have to be proud of? Oh, I forgot, rookie punter Bryan Anger. 

    Here are a few things team owner Shad Khan may have asked for when he went to visit jolly old St. Nick. Hopefully, Mr. Khan has been a good boy and his wishes will be granted.

    If not, it could be another long NFL season in 2013.

A Solid Pass Rush

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    Oh what fun it is to laugh and sack the quarterback. Isn't that what defensive ends are supposed to do.

    Jeremy Mincey, Andre Branch, Jason Babin and...that's it.

    Would there be a tall, fast, imposing lineman who could take this line and make it great in Santa's stocking?

    How about Cliff Avril, the Clay County High School student who is from the area, went to Purdue and now plays in Detroit? A hometown hero would be quite a nice gift.

    If Avril was signed, that would give the Jaguars four quality pass rushers and change the complexity of the Jaguars pass rush.

A Healthy Maurice Jones-Drew

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    He was on pace to run for over 1,400 yards when he went down with a foot injury. While he is not the only reason the offense has failed this season, the loss of the running game is part of the problem.

    Maurice Jones-Drew may be the key to everything Jaguars in the offseason.

    I am of the opinion this might be the last time we see MJD in a Jaguars' uniform. I do not expect him to play again this season, which begs the question of whether he will be on the roster or not.

    If he is and the Jaguars can find a way to make him the focus of a pass-happy offense, then this offense (with Mike Mularkey still in power) can be good.

    If not, then maybe the team looks at a Mike Gillislee of Florida in the draft or maybe try and trade for Brandon Jacobs of San Francisco.

No More Concussions

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    This is not the fault of the players, but the injuries and concussions this season have plagued this team, most notably, Laurent Robinson.

    Can the NFL work on equipment that might be more protective? It would seem the players want to wear less protection so they can be bigger and faster and more productive.

    There has to be a happy medium.

    That said, concussions have been a main reason major players have been on injured reserve and off the field.

    Healthy players means more opportunity to win football games. That should bring a smile to Khan's face.

A Solid Draft Class

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    It looks like the Jaguars hit on Justin Blackmon and, dare I say it, punter Bryan Anger (he's a weapon, you know). The rest of the draft class is a mystery.

    Look for whoever is in charge of the draft class to make solid decisions with Khan and Mularkey in the loop as much as possible.

    The Jaguars are assured of a high draft choice. Should they have the first pick, trading down will be a very solid possibility.

    Trading down brings more picks and if this is a team in rebuilding mode, then stockpiling picks would be key to future success.

More Effective Management

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    If Hanukkah Harry and St. Nick can get together and give the Jaguars the most important gift they can, then maybe they can find a new general manager, a new support staff and new mode of thinking within the organization.

    Everything starts with a culture in the organization that winning is everything. Khan is great at looking the rock star part, but the supporting cast may be lacking.

    Nick Caserio of the New England Patriots would be a solid choice as a new general manager. Then, Khan must fit pieces into place like a puzzle.

    Once the puzzle pieces are in place, this team can move forward.

The Next Mark Brunell

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    The team has not had a solid passer since Mark Brunell left.

    They need to find the leader of this team. Blaine Gabbert is not the answer. Chad Henne is not the answer.

    Will this team look to the draft to find a quarterback in the second or third round, or will they look to free agency or a trade to find a veteran who can lead this team.

    The names that could be bantered around are Mike Vick, Alex Smith and possibly Jason Campbell.

    I'm still waiting for Kyle Orton to be the one to bridge the gap from veteran to a younger proven leader.