Kobe Bryant. Michael Vick. Alex Rodriguez. Really?

bryan sleikCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 2: Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on against the New York Knicks on February 2, 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by: Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Kids call athletes role models because of what they do as their job, as they ball it up on the court or throw a touchdown on the field. 

But should they be called role models off the field when they make bad decisions?

No, they should not.

Athletes who make bad decisions are poor role models and should be fired. Most athletes are not great people as we think they are. People think they are goodie little two shoes. Athletes do drugs and other illegal things such as start fights or driving intoxicated, which get them in trouble.

Why do these things make athletes role models for doing what is wrong? Athletes who do this stuff are not role models. They are just stupid idiots.

The word “role model” is used very loosely in the world of sports.        

First of all, most athletes don’t do crimes and don’t do unsportsmanlike like things on the field, but the reason why people shouldn’t call them role models is because they don’t do the common people jobs like doctors and firefighters do.

Athletes like Peyton Manning and LeBron James and Derek Jeter are called “role models” because of how they play on the field, and also because of what they do on commercials and other stuff for the public eye. What people don’t know is what athletes do off the camera or spotlight on the world of sports.

Athletes for the most part do stuff in the camera light to make us believe they are good people and believe they are doing the right thing because of what they do, but most athletes deceive. Although there are people like Kobe Bryant who is a NBA star for the Los Angeles Lakers.

With this story for one moment he is on the basketball court scoring 45 points per game. He tries to stay out of the spotlight off the court but he couldn’t when he went to court for a sexual assault case he had. Most people don’t know who their athlete role models really are off the basketball court or football field or baseball field. 

Next in line is their job.

Athletes spend days and sometimes weeks away from the families and making their job a lifestyle instead of a regular job. They leave for weeks at a time and what seems like abandoning their families.

I think that athletes should spend most days with family because after all family is always at the top of our list. Athletes get paid for doing their job on the professional field everyday to every week.

Lets be serious here—Their jobs don’t help other people in life such as doctors or firefighters do saving lives. Athletes just do it to entertain so really they are just there. They are not saving lives. They just hang loose in there little world. 

Athletes do their job for a living and some of the athletes just don’t care for other people who are less fortunate then they are.

Most people do donate money, but sometimes they do it out of guilt instead of a real reason like caring.

Now it takes a lot to do what they do, which is playing almost every day for the public people. Athletes do what they need to do to make a living, and that is the main reason they do it because it is there job. But they don’t do it for the right reason and giving back to the community.

So do you think athletes should be role models?

In an interview with former basketball star Charles Barkley he said, “Athletes are bad role models and therefore should not be role models for little kids, and their role models should come from parents and family members. Most kids are not going to be a professional athlete someday so athletes should not be kid’s role models.”

If you think athletes are good role models then look at an actual athlete like Charles Barkley who says athletes are bad role models for kids.

Athletes are bad role models for kids because of what they do off the field and court, like enhancing drugs (Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds). They cheated just to get that much better to win. They breakthe law like crashing their cars and fleeing the scene (Lance Briggs), rape (Kobe Bryant), murder (O.J Simpson), or dog fighting (Michael Vick).

What kind of stuff does that tells kids that look up to them? After all that stuff they do, they should be kicked out of sports forever.

Meanwhile some athletes are due more credit and respect then they get.

Now not all athletes are bad and they deserve the respect they should get. These athletes are like Jason Taylor from the Miami Dolphins (Walter Payton Award Winner) or Walter Payton from the 1985 Superbowl winning Chicago Bears.

I think athletes should not be role models to kids around the country, but they can be admired from the hard work and dedication. A role model should come from within an individual’s inner circle of family and friends.

Most of the athletes that we know of have great plays on the court or field. Some athletes agree on the subject. Lets be honest here—What percent of athletes are goodie little two shoes?

Face it—not everybody you think is a good person. They want you to think that, but they are not.

We have covered what athletes do that makes them horrible role models.

They don’t help out.

They don’t care.

They do stuff that isn’t really that important to the world even though I love watching sports.

I used to respect Roger Clemens in what he did, but when I found out he did HGH (Human Growth Hormone) I was crushed because I looked up at him as a role model.

I also looked at Kobe Bryant as one because of how good he was, but when he was found out of rape that hurt.

Just try to stay clear of a athlete being a role model for you. You will be going down the wrong path if you do. Athletes who do things that are not allowed should be fired and never be allowed back into the world of sports forever.

So for the last time the kids in the United States and around the world—Athletes are one of the worst role models that can be.