How Visit to FSU Will Affect Georgia and Alabama's Shot at Landing Laremy Tunsil

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIDecember 14, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Alabama and Georgia have been 5-star offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil's top two schools for a while now. But there is a program that could be entering into the equation that could severely hinder their chances of landing the elite recruit.

According to Michael Langston of, the 6'6'', 295-pound offensive tackle from Lake City, Florida is planning an official visit to Florida State:

Tunsil was originally scheduled to just take an unofficial visit to Florida State in the weeks leading up to national signing day. But apparently, that is no longer the case. An official visit is planned, but the official date is not set in stone. Tunsil expects it to be the first weekend in February, which would be the final weekend before signing day.

Kipp Adams of ESPN is reporting that the visit will be on February 1st. He also reports that Tunsil will take official visits to Alabama, Georgia and Ole Miss as well.

Adams quotes Tunsil as saying:

Alabama, Georgia and Ole Miss are on top, with Florida State next. At Alabama and UGA I like the relationship I have with the coaches and their playbook. At Ole Miss they are building something new and I would be a part of making an instant impact with the good players they have coming in. With Florida State the relationship I have with Coach Trickett is very important.

What does Florida State bring to the equation for Tunsil?

Florida State can offer Tunsil the ability to stay within the state to play football, which could be an advantage. Jimbo Fisher is also one of the better recruiters in college football, and his 2013 class is looking very strong.

Tunsil would have the opportunity to join a class that's already ranked No. 10 overall by and features 17 recruits (seven of which are 4-star players).

Florida State's powerful offense will be a big draw as well. The Seminoles put up 39.9 points per game on 262.9 passing yards and an impressive 203 rushing yards per game. Devonta Freeman will be a junior, so Tunsil will have the opportunity to block for a very productive and talented back,

The ACC powerhouse has a lot to offer the 5-star tackle, and, at the very least, it makes the race for Tunsil a lot more interesting.

Georgia and Alabama are still on top, but Florida State is an intriguing third wheel. The addition of Ole Miss into the race really throws things off as well, though, so at this point, anything can happen.

Either way, the odds of Georgia or Alabama landing the 5-star offensive lineman just went down.


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