Why Haven't We Heard the New York Mets Linked to Justin Upton This Offseason?

Matt DagostinoContributor IDecember 14, 2012

Justin Upton would look nice roaming Citi Field's right field grass, wouldn't he?
Justin Upton would look nice roaming Citi Field's right field grass, wouldn't he?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Am I missing something here? 

The New York Mets need outfielders (with an "s") to field a roster in the 2013 season.  Justin Upton is one of the top young players in the game whose value is at an all-time low with his team seemingly intent on moving him.

The Arizona Diamondbacks' recent acquisition of young shortstop Didi Gregorius seems to have quieted the talk of a possible Upton trade in the last few days. But, with the Mets trying to get younger and more talented moving forward, why have we not had more Upton-to-the-Mets talk?

Yes, I know the R.A. Dickey saga is taking a lot of general manager Sandy Alderson's time.  And, that's fine.  Make sure you do your due diligence, Sandy. 

And, for all we know, Alderson has engaged Arizona general manager Kevin Towers in talks for Upton, and Towers flat out said "no thank you."

But, it seems like nobody in the media is even sniffing out any information of such talks and nobody is really looking at the two teams as a possible match for such a trade.

If Alderson called up Towers and said, "let's do Jon Niese, Lucas Duda and Wilmer Flores for Upton, Gerardo Parra, and Tyler Skaggs," would that not benefit both sides?

The Diamondbacks took care of their top priority this offseason, securing a young, talented shortstop, albeit not the big-name acquisition most thought they would make.  But Arizona could still use some upgrades.


Right now, the Arizona rotation goes like this: Ian Kennedy, the newly signed Brandon McCarthy, Trevor Cahill, Wade Miley and Patrick Corbin.  Daniel Hudson is be due back from Tommy John surgery sometime in the middle of the season, and prospect Tyler Skaggs is waiting in the wings. 

Trevor Bauer (whom I originally had in the above proposal instead of Skaggs) was recently traded to Cleveland as part of the Shin-Soo Choo deal.  

Despite adding McCarthy via free agency, Ken Rosenthal claims that the Diamondbacks are still looking to add a top-of-the-rotation starter.  Enter: Niese.  Niese is pushing his way towards No. 2 starter status and is due just $25 million over the next five seasons. 

Flores, a third baseman, is knocking on the doorstep of the big leagues but is blocked by David Wright in Flushing through the 2020 season.  He can slide in nicely at the hot corner in Arizona.  And, to boot, the Diamondbacks get Duda to fill one of the two outfield spots lost in this deal as a guy who can hit .260 with 20 home runs in an average year.

Yes, this trade means the Mets (assuming a Dickey trade as well) will have given away their two most productive starters from last season in the same offseason.  And, honestly, this trade would accelerate the time table for the Mets to compete in 2013. 

But, it does not prohibit the Mets from being any more competitive in the future, and Niese is probably at a high point now in terms of his value.

Obviously, Upton is the prize.

He is owed $38.5 million over the next three seasons.  So, he is controllable and making less money than Shane Victorino will make in the same amount of time.  Slot him in right field and team him with childhood friend, David Wright, and you have got a great start at the heart of the order for a few years. 

Parra is a known commodity as a very good defender who can man any of the outfield spots and is serviceable at the plate.  He would be a very good addition to an underwhelming New York bench.  Skaggs is the wild card. 

By all accounts, Skaggs is one of the top left-handed pitching prospects in the game.  It is very tempting, though, to look at a young trifecta in the rotation of Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Skaggs in the years to come. 

At a time when the Mets are trying to get younger and more talented, they should be looking at any and all avenues to do so.  Upton seems to be a no-brainer, as he is at the top of the talent list among available people this offseason and his price is right.

Yet, we have not heard anything linking the two teams, despite both teams having something the other one wants. 

Has Sandy Alderson already turned over this stone?  If so, why haven't we heard anything about it.  If not, why hasn't he already picked up the phone?