Madden 13: Week 15 Roster Ratings Update

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 14, 2012

image from Madden 13
image from Madden 13

We found out earlier in the week that the New York Giants’ RB David Wilson was the week’s biggest riser in the Madden 13 ratings. He jumped four points from a 72 overall to a 76 after his three-TD performance against the New Orleans Saints, but who else saw their overall ratings changed?

Nick Foles also gained after he posted 381 yards passing with two touchdowns, and Marshawn Lynch was rewarded for going to town on the Arizona Cardinals. While Lynch went nuts on the Cardinals to raise his rating, the 58-0 rout sent the Cardinals’ ratings south.

There were 11 Arizona Cardinals that saw their overall ratings take a dip. After that debacle on Sunday, you can make the argument that an even more drastic change was in order.  

The Chicago Bears saw nine players drop one point after their loss to the Minnesota Vikings, but four Bears—including Matt Forte—saw their overall ratings rise by a point. Bears’ kicker Robbie Gould was placed on injured reserve along with a bevy of other walking wounded. 

If you like playing with the Kansas City Chiefs—first of all, I feel sorry you—but things are going to get even worse. Dwayne Bowe was placed on IR, so you won’t have a primary target for Brady Quinn and Matt Cassell to drastically underthrow.

Madden 13 continues to shine with the most steady and accurate roster updates available for any sports gaming franchise. Here is a link to the roster update and the full list of the changes:


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