7 Arizona Cardinals Players, Coaches Sure to Lose Jobs After Disastrous 2012

Lou RomContributor IDecember 14, 2012

7 Arizona Cardinals Players, Coaches Sure to Lose Jobs After Disastrous 2012

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    The Arizona Cardinals' season is spiraling out of control, after a 58-0 thrashing at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, and to stop the bleeding this offseason it seems like many jobs will be lost, both on and off the field. 

    At 4-9, the Cards are tied for the worst record in the NFC with three other teams.

    They have the worst point differential in the NFC, giving up 107 more points than they have scored.

    And, not surprisingly, their offense ranks dead last in the league—in rushing, passing and combined yards—and is only one of two teams unable to eclipse 300 yards per game.

    On defense, the Cardinals rank 30th in the league in defending the run, a product of the fact that teams have been able to turn to the running game early with big leads to pad. 

    The team's saving grace is its pass defense, which ranks fifth in the league and is giving up less than 200 yards per game.

    Heads will roll accordingly. 

Everyone Responsible for the Offense, Period

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    If you believe in top-down accountability, then head coach Ken Whisenhunt must go. But for the NFL version of top-down accountability see the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles

    However, if you believe in holding those most responsible for the failures accountable then it's hard to pin it all on Whiz, and one must turn to the offensive coordinators, hereafter referred to as discombobulators.

    Offensive coordinator Mike Miller? Gone. Running back/quarterback coach John McNulty? Sayonara. With that, don't expect Whisenhunt to be the only guy that is looking for work this offseason. Offensive line coach Russ Grimm? Hey Hey Hey, good-bye.

    This offense was so bad it made the New York Jets look decent. That alone is reason enough to clean house. 

John "Helter" Skelton

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    If the Cardinals don't want to look like a horror show every time they line up on offense, John "Helter" Skelton must go, because when he's taking the snaps from center this offense has been scary bad.

    Close-your-eyes bad.

    "Here we go Tebow" bad. 

    Skelton and his two touchdowns and nine interceptions must leave the desert—and fast—before he throws a pick at the airport.

Beanie "Not-So" Wells

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    Beanie Wells always had talent. If he could only stay on the field.

    Wells has missed countless games in his four years in the NFL, including much of the first half of 2012, but it was how he bounced back from that time off that kept him on top of the depth chart.

    But this year, after returning from injured reserve, Wells played like someone who should grab some bench for other reasons.

    Wells is averaging a pathetic 2.4 yards per carry and has found the end zone only twice. 

    He has a year left on his rookie contract, at about $1.2 million, and could be shopped. 

Ryan Lindley Goes from Bad to Terrible

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    How bad has Ryan Lindley been this year? 

    Bad enough that the Cardinals, who have already started three quarterbacks this year, had considered starting recently signed Brian Hoyer this week against the Detroit Lions.

    But Lindley, whose claim to fame is that "he's not the guy who lost 58-0 to Seattle," will get the start instead.

    Lindley has completed 48 percent of his passes this year and thrown five interceptions against zero (yes, that's zero) touchdowns. 

    Yet, somewhere across the nation sits a quarterback with better stats across the board who can't get a snap in edgewise. 

    Can I get a Hallelujah? 

Larry Fitzgerald, Call It a "Mercy" Firing

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    If the football gods are merciful they will let Larry Fitzgerald out of Arizona.

    Fitzgerald, the most exciting receiver in the NFL west of the Motor City, is a wasted talent in Arizona these days. 

    He is arguably the best, certainly one of the top two receivers in the league, and he will likely not top 1,000 total yards this season after doing so the last five (and six out of seven) seasons. 

    After Sunday's debacle Fitz has 652 yards through 13 games and is averaging just more than 11 yards per reception. 

    He ranks behind such notable stars as Jeremy Kerley of the potent New York Jets and Davone Bess of the juggernaut Miami Dolphins.

    Demand a trade, Larry, we'll understand. Hold out, steal the coach's car keys, do whatever you have to do to get out of Arizona.