Brandon Graham and 6 Eagles Who Could Help Andy Reid Save His Job

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 14, 2012

Brandon Graham and 6 Eagles Who Could Help Andy Reid Save His Job

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    Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat this season, but he may just be able to save his job thanks to some impressive young players such as Brandon Graham

    Reid has done a horrible job most of the year while leading the team to a 4-9 record so far. The one thing Reid has done well, however, is insert younger players into the lineup to see if they have anything significant to offer the franchise moving forward. 

    The move has paid off. Philadelphia has a cast of young players performing well for Reid, and it may just allow him to keep his job for at least one more season. With the following players looking great, it might not be a great idea to suddenly change head coaches. 

    Let's take a look at six players who could help Reid save his job. 

6. Bryce Brown

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    Andy Reid and the Eagles organization made Bryce Brown the No. 229 overall player selected in the seventh round of the 2012 NFL draft.

    Brown has made the most of his limited playing time with other running backs hurt, and he could easily save Reid his job. 

    So far Brown has only officially started in four contests but has rushed for over 500 yards and four touchdowns. He's been a spark on a suddenly young offense and has clearly earned a spot on the roster for years to come. 

    While Brown does have issues securing the ball, he's one example of smart planning by Reid. 

5. Fletcher Cox

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    Fletcher Cox was the first player chosen by the Eagles in the 2012 NFL draft, and it was a great decision by Andy Reid and Co. as he's already proven to be a big-time player. 

    Cox has recorded 33 tackles and four sacks while instantly upgrading the interior of the defensive line for Philadelphia. He's a solid player against both the run and pass thanks to his alarming versatility. 

    What should make Reid very happy at this point is how much better Cox looks each week. If Cox can step it up a notch each week the rest of the way, he'll prove he's a great player to build around. This means Reid could keep his job as he's done a great job of bringing in talent. 

4. Vinny Curry

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    Reid made Vinny Curry a second-round selection in the last year's draft, and he's beginning to see more playing time with Reid doing whatever it takes to turn things around. 

    Curry's increase in playing time is in part because of Reid's decision to cut Jason Babin. Reid is doing everything within his power to play his younger guys on the roster in the hopes that he inspires his bosses to give him another chance. 

    As of now, Curry hasn't recorded a massive amount of statistics, but he's a big reason Reid could keep his job if he starts to contribute in a big way. 

    Curry has the potential to be a great player, and if he flashes that in the coming weeks, Reid could have yet another reason he should have his job next season. 

3. DeMeco Ryans

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    DeMeco Ryans is the main reason we are having this conversation right now, as he's the only reason the Eagles have a respectable defense right now. 

    Had Ryans not been in the middle of the Eagles defense all season long, Reid may not have lasted until the offseason. 

    Ryans has recorded over 100 tackles while being the heart and soul of the defense. He's helped to mentor the young players on the defensive side of things while being its most productive player. 

    Reid was part of the process that traded for Ryans this past offseason, and now it's helping him keep his job. 

2. Brandon Graham

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    Brandon Graham is having a breakout season this year in what is his third season after being drafted by Reid and the Eagles. 

    Graham has received more playing time and responded admirably. He's recorded 23 tackles and three sacks, numbers that are far better than anything he had done previously. 

    As another piece that can help Philadelphia build for the future, Graham is giving Reid some hope of being the Eagles coach in 2013. 

    The sky is the limit for Graham now that he appears to be breaking out. It's great news for Reid, who needed as many younger players as possible playing at a high level with the season already decided. 

1. Nick Foles

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    When Reid and the Eagles selected Nick Foles in the third round last year, he was considered a long-term option as Michael Vick would be the starter this season. 

    How quickly things change. 

    Foles is now the starter for the remainder of the season and the main reason Reid could have a job in 2013 with the Eagles. He has managed to throw for well over 1,00 yards while snapping an eight-game losing streak. 

    Reid has named Foles the starter for the rest of the season, meaning that he realizes how Foles plays will ultimately decide his fate. If Foles continues to play well, the Eagles front office would have a hard time getting rid of Reid. 

    Foles may be the future in Philadelphia, which would do nothing but help Reid.