Top 10 'Lob City' Highlights from L.A. Clippers' 1st Quarter of the Season

Jeff NisiusContributor IIDecember 13, 2012

Top 10 'Lob City' Highlights from L.A. Clippers' 1st Quarter of the Season

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    The Los Angeles Clippers have legitimately turned into Lob City with the addition of Chris Paul to a lineup consisting of the high-flying Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

    Countless highlights have been aired on ESPN and nearly every other news station around the country.

    Nothing has changed this year, as the Clippers are off to a great start, headlined by more top 10 plays involving nearly everyone on the roster.

    What were the top 10 Clipper highlights of the first quarter of the season?  Read on to find out.

10. Blake Griffin Coast to Coast Plus the Foul

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    How many times have we seen Blake Griffin take a ball off the glass, go coast to coast and then finish with a monster slam?  Blake does it again here, but shows off his crafty handles and agility by splitting two defenders and soaring in for a slam and the foul.

    One of the more underrated aspects of Griffin’s game is his ball-handling.  Defenses have learned that they have to stop Griffin’s penetration before they defend him as he attacks the rim for lobs.

9. Eric Bledsoe Reverse Lob

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    Eric Bledsoe has proven to be one of the most explosive players in the entire league.  In fact, LeBron James nicknamed Bledsoe “baby LeBron."

    Bledsoe shows off his amazing vertical and athletic ability here by catching a lob from Jamal Crawford for a reverse jam.

    The young hyper-athletic guard's game has developed enough that he has become an impact player for the Clippers bench thanks to his defensive ability and highlight-reel plays.

8. DeAndre Jordan over Blake Griffin

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    Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are monsters on the offensive glass because of their elite athleticism.  However, Griffin found out just how high Jordan can fly, as he went up for a rebound and Jordan caught the ball above his head and slammed it home over Griffin.

    These two are relentless on the glass when they see a put-back opportunity.  Defenders have to always be aware of where both players are, because if they attempt to box either out near the rim, odds are they are going to jump right over them.

7. DeAndre Jordan over David Lee

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    Apparently, David Lee did not get the scouting report from the previous slide.  Defenders have to box DeAndre Jordan out and push him away from the rim; otherwise, this highlight gets played all year long.

    Lee is a good rebounder, and I am sure it is not easy to push a big body like Jordan’s off the rim.  Either way, Lee had no chance as soon as the ball bounced straight up.

    Jordan has made a living off these types of rebounds for years.

6. Blake Griffin over DeJuan Blair

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    Chris Paul’s vision and Blake Griffin’s breathtaking athleticism make this one of the most impressive lobs of the entire season.

    Paul spots Griffin heading towards the rim and throws a perfect lob to the left side of the basket.  DeJuan Blair does his best to cut off Griffin and eliminate any chance he has to elevate towards the rim.

    However, Blake is so explosive that while Blair is putting his body into Griffin, Blake is already in the air.  Griffin’s ability to contort his body is second to none amongst big men, as he reaches back in front of the glass and finishes the lob.

5. Outside the Paint Takeoff

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    Try to think back on how many times a player has taken off outside the paint to flush one home in transition.  The list is very small, but Blake Griffin likely tops the candidates.

    Blake’s speed in the open floor allows him to glide through the air as if he were Michael Jordan.  In this clip, Griffin not only soars over the paint, but finishes easily and with a powerful slam. 

4. Blake Griffin Blocks Deron Williams

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    Not known for his defense or shot blocking, Blake Griffin has only blocked .6 shots per game for his career.  Deron Williams thought he could take on the high-flying big man and throw one down over him.

    Bad move, Deron. 

    Griffin comes over from the weak-side and denies Williams’ attempt to generate a highlight-reel dunk.  Blake not only denied Williams of the slam, but completely overpowered Deron and toppled him over after the block.

3. Jordan's Huge Dunk

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    When thinking of some of the most violent dunkers in the league, names like LeBron James and Dwight Howard come to mind.  However, Los Angeles Clipper fans are well aware of the thunderous jams DeAndre Jordan throws down at the Staples Center.  Now the Sacramento Kings do as well.

    Chris Paul comes up with a marvelous rebound and makes an even better pass out from underneath the basket to an attacking Jordan.  DeAndre goes up like he is going to record a kill in an Olympic volleyball match.

    Do not be surprised if the rim is still shaking from that jam.

2. Double Lob

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    Jamal Crawford has been one of the best additions in the entire league this season, and in this video, he shows off why. 

    In a highlight that looks something straight out of NBA Street, Blake Griffin throws a lob to Crawford, who then elevates and tosses it back up to Blake.

    Unfortunately for Marco Belinelli, he did not see Griffin flying through the air behind him and ends up on a poster. Watching Clipper games are like watching a video game, but this highlight is literally out of one.

1. Crawford to Jordan

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    Jamal Crawford is well-known for shaking defenders and breaking ankles in the process.  Crawford receives a tip pass for DeAndre Jordan, who immediately sets a side screen-and-roll for the crafty guard. 

    Chris Kaman attempts to hedge baseline and cut off Crawford, who dribbles behind his back back into the middle of the paint.  Jamal then fakes a pass behind his back to Jordan, takes one more dribble and throws a lob behind his head to a wide-eyed Jordan.

    If you look closely at the video, you might see Elton Brand and Shawn Marion’s jaws hit the floor.

    This was undoubtedly one of the top plays of the season to date.