WWE TLC 2012: Why Big Show Will Defeat Sheamus at WWE TLC

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIDecember 14, 2012

Big Show deserves to beat Sheamus on Sunday. It just makes sense. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Big Show deserves to beat Sheamus on Sunday. It just makes sense. Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

The Big Show and Sheamus have put on a surprisingly good feud in their first two matches. Their third meeting at TLC, however, has to end in a Big Show victory.

Their first confrontation was one to remember as Sheamus and Big Show both survived devastating finishing maneuvers. Show survived the Brogue Kick and Sheamus survived one knockout punch before falling to a second. 

While many fans weren't too fond of this feud from the start, it's been solid, but it will come to an end on Sunday at TLC.

Show will get the better of Sheamus at TLC, because he has to for a few big reasons. 

The first reason is Big Show's career. Big Show at 40 years old is no spring chicken. He's been in the business for what seems like forever and has done it all. Now, as Big Show lumbers toward the end of his career he can't have too many title runs left in him. With his career clock ticking down, why take the title from him after a few pay-per-views? Show has reemerged as a monster with an iron-clad contract and letting him lose to Sheamus in a chairs match would take a lot out of his image. 

Another reason that Show has to beat the Irish Kicking Machine is Sheamus' emergence in WWE. Sheamus has become a huge babyface with the crowd, even acting as a main face of the WWE's BA Star anti-bullying campaign. Sheamus doesn't need the title to be a big part of Smackdown and Raw every week. Fans will always show up for Sheamus whether he's wearing the strap or not. 

Besides Sheamus not needing a belt and Big Show needing one last monster run, Show has to win on Sunday because it might not matter. With Punk's injury taking him out of the pay-per-view, there is a chance that Dolph Ziggler could cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on Show or Sheamus earlier in the night, before defending it in a ladder match against John Cena. Letting Ziggler cash in could fill the void left by Punk and make fans forget about the missing superstar for a few hours.

If that was the case, Show might as well win. Sheamus has been getting angrier and angrier as the feud has gone on. Chairs are allowed in the match on Sunday, which could give Show the added edge that he needs. Because of the chair stipulation, Sheamus could very well snap and go off on Show after losing the match, setting up the Dolph Ziggler cash in.

However, the biggest reason that Big Show will win on Sunday—the WrestleMania rumors. Wrestling Inc. reported that WWE has discussed a possible meeting of Ryback and Big Show at Wrestlemania. To make the matchup seem genuine you can't have one of the big monsters come in after losing his title. Winning at TLC would make it possible for Show to carry the belt to WrestleMania and drop it to Ryback. Putting on a great show at WrestleMania and putting Ryback over would be a great way for the giant to leave the ring and end his career. 

Big Show simply has more reasons to beat Sheamus than Sheamus has to beat Big Show. With Royal Rumble right around the corner, it's better to have Sheamus, one of the top guys in the business, open for the Royal Rumble match. Holding him down with a belt wouldn't really make sense this close to the Rumble. He'll be able to find a feud to WrestleMania without the World Heavyweight Championship. 

Pick whatever reason you like, but there is no way that Big Show can lose to Sheamus on Sunday at WWE's TLC pay-per-view...that is, unless Dolph Ziggler cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase.