Daniel Bryan: Why He Deserves Another WWE World Title Run

SMGAnalyst IIDecember 13, 2012

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

Daniel Bryan is a former World Heavyweight Champion who deserves another opportunity at the top of the WWE mountain.

The current WWE Tag Team Champion, who at one point had been released from WWE only to be brought back, has provided us with some of the most memorable matches and segments of the year, thus making him worthy of another World Title run.

Backstage politics has played a part in Daniel Bryan deserving another run as a World Champion in WWE.

Daniel Bryan began his WWE career on the first season of NXT and was also originally a member of the first version of the Nexus. However, Bryan was released after an incident involving WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts.

While superstars who have been released, such as A.W., use social media, especially Twitter, to air their grievances, Daniel Bryan was never reported as being one of them. This says a lot about Bryan’s character and could be a reason why he was rehired shortly after the release.

Bryan’s World Heavyweight Championship reign and numerous opportunities to become a World Champion again also play a role in the WWE Tag Team Champion deserving another run at the top of WWE.

After his World Heavyweight Championship reign ended in a record-setting 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28 and prior to teaming with Kane to form Team Hell No, Bryan had become the No. 1 contender for CM Punk’s WWE Championship. Bryan received numerous matches against Punk, putting on some of the greatest matches of the year, such as their performance at Over the Limit in May.

It would be in WWE’s best interest to put Bryan back in contention to provide the fans with more incredible and enjoyable championship matches.

Even though Bryan didn’t win the WWE Championship against CM Punk, he showed how valuable he can be through his remarkable matches and promos. Bryan has found success since losing the World Heavyweight Championship, proving that he can be a popular and effective superstar without a World Title.

Speaking of which, Daniel Bryan’s popularity rose considerably after creating the newest fad among wrestling fans—the "YES!" and later the "NO!" chanting. When Bryan enters, fans at ringside regularly interact in yelling matches with Daniel Bryan to rile up the WWE superstar.  

WWE events are where fans and superstars should be able to interact with one another. Wouldn’t you want to be able to interact with your favorite actor or celebrity as they are doing their job? Well, as long as it's not CM Punk in the stands.

Bryan has also helped bring relevancy back to the WWE tag team division. Team Hell No has caused tag team wrestling to become important again, to the point where tag team matches have even closed out episodes of Raw and SmackDown. So far there hasn’t been a tag team who has been able to dethrone Team Hell No, making them a standout, superior team.

Another way Bryan has been effective without a title is due to his character being put through a lot of humiliation. He continues to be the butt of every joke, being called “goat face,” and he was forced to attend anger management classes with Kane. (These segments must be considered for upcoming WWE Slammy Awards, such as the Most Shocking Moment of the Year or the LOL Moment of the Year.)

Daniel Bryan has been through it all during his tenure in WWE while becoming a top star, regardless of being a World Champion for less than four months. He doesn’t have any reported instances of causing issues backstage and he has risen to prominence through acts of humor and entertainment.

WWE would be wise to take advantage of Bryan’s popularity, excellent wrestling abilities and comical character and give him another World Title run.


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