Andrew Billings to Baylor: Bears Land 4-Star DT Recruit

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 5, 2013

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A 6'2" 315-pound football player that runs a 4.90 40-yard-dash is naturally going to be highly coveted out of high school. That is why defensive tackle Andrew Billings' commitment to Baylor is such a huge addition to the Bears' program.

The news comes from David Smoak of ESPN Central Texas:

According to 247Sports' composite rankings, Billings is a 4-star recruit that is ranked 13th amongst all high school defensive tackles. He is ranked as the No. 143 overall prospect in the nation and the No. 18 recruit coming out of Texas in the 2013 class.

His height could be seen as a negative, and that could be what prevents him from being regarded as a 5-star talent by some. That said, he reminds me a bit of Geno Atkins of the Cincinnati Bengals. He's also a defensive tackle that was considered to be short for the position, but he's had success on every level of football. 

According to Rivals, Billings squats 700 pounds and bench presses 470, so upper-body and lower-body strength don't appear to be an issue.

Take a look at Billings in action for Waco High School.

Ultimately, the tape measures and stop-watches reveal only numbers. We won't know what Billings can truly do until he hits the field on Saturdays with his new team.

Nevertheless, plenty of teams were aware of this young man's potential, as he received offers from various top programs across the country, including Texas, Baylor, TCU, Arizona State, Boise State, Missouri and Oklahoma, among others.

He has the physical ability and grades (3.5 GPA per Rivals) to play and contribute from the get-go. Baylor may have just landed a vital cog to its defense for the next three or four years.


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