Ranking the Running Game, Part Five: Green Bay Packers

Jeff LittleSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2008


Ryan Grant           6” 1”  224 lbs. 188 Att.  956 Yards  5.1 YPC Avg.  8 TD’s

                              (Post-Season     40 Att.  230 Yards  5.8 YPC Avg.  3 TD’s)

Brandon Jackson   5’ 10” 212 lbs.  75 Att.  267 Yards  3.6  YPC Avg. 1 TD


Noah Herron          5’ 11” 218 lbs.  3rd year player 2007 placed on Injured Reserve

DeShawn Wynn     5’ 10” 232 lbs.  50Att.   203 Yards  4.1 YPC Avg.  4 TD’s

Taking a chance on Ryan Grant and signing him from the Giants practice squad was huge. Ryan Grant is 25 years old & a player that has gotten it early and has developed well within the Packers system and should be a factor in their running game for a while. Brandon Jackson, Noah Herron & DeShawn Wynn all provide depth at the position but capable of performing well when called upon. The Packers don’t have a need to draft a running back in this draft. The team has a need to draft a CB. The team also needs to stabilize the two Guard positions as they shuffled Jason Spitz, Daryn Colledge & Junius Coston the majority of 2007.

The question for the Packers: Can Aaron Rodgers deal with the pressure of trying to replace the legend Brett Favre?