Randy Orton's Open Letter to Triple H Details his Psychological Breakdown

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 24, 2009

For months, everyone has wondered exactly what has motivated Randy Orton to the things he's done.

As fans, it can become easy to sit back and speculate as to his motivations but when it's all said and done, nobody besides Orton himself could give us a better explanation for the tragic events that have occurred over the past few months.

If you've ever wondered exactly what Randy Orton would say to Triple H if forced to provide an explanation for his actions, it would read something like this...


Dear Hunter,

Let me find the right words to explain to you why I've done what I've done. None of this Hunter, none of this had to happen. You might sit back and feel as if all of this just came out of nowhere but it didn't.

I told you last night that I was going to have to do something terrible.

I warned you but you just wouldn't listen, would you? For a man who calls himself the "Cerebral Assassin," I was counting on your stupidity. I was counting on the fact that you would be foolish enough to let your anger get the best of you.

You excepted my challenge to a handicap match just so you could get your hands on me.

Triple H, you are not capable of handling myself alone in a one on one competition. What was it that made you feel as if you had any chance of beating me in a handicap match with Ted DiBiase on my side?

Sure you tired. Sure you made your pathetic little attempt to bring me down but when it was all said and done, the numbers game was far to much for you to handle. The same numbers game that you taught me Hunter.

Let me ask you this, where is your Evolution now?

Your Evolution is dead and it's dead as a result of your own ego. All you ever think about is yourself.

Where were you for Batista a few months back?

Don't tell me that you were stupid enough to feel that he'd be safe in the ring with me, did you? I kicked one of your best friends in the skull and you where nowhere to be found.

Where were you last night when Ric Flair got beaten down like a decrepit animal?

Let me guess, you felt the old man could handle himself right? No matter how much he was beaten, you sat in the back like a coward and watched it happen.

We all know that it was you who turned on me when I was in Evolution.

You used numbers to your advantage because even back then, you knew you couldn't handle me one on one. Now it is I who has the strength in numbers and you who can fight your battles alone because I've hospitalized everyone close to you.

So now, it is you who has nothing.

Ric Flair can hang out with Batista on the sofa and watch me wipe the mat with you at Wrestlemania XXV.

Last night was only the beginning of what I have in store for you.

If you were smart Triple H, you would have been "cerebral" in your career choices and let me hurt Edge or John Cena at Wrestemania. But no, you had to prove your point so you insisted on provoking me to challenge you at Wrestlemania.

Before this all started a few weeks ago, I never laid a finger on you.

Batista was broken for running his mouth. Your father-in-law was crippled for threatening my career and insulting my family, your brother-in-law was taken out of commission because it was he who insisted that we fight until one man wasn't left standing.

And your wife Hunter, she was RKO'd for starting all of this.

Her unprofessional behavior months ago set off a chain of reaction that none of you were capable of dealing with. I once respected your wife until she had the nerve to lay her hands on me.

She laid her hands on me, so I returned the favor.

Don't act as if you are the victim Triple H. Before YOU started all of this, you could have saved yourself. But then again, I never expected you to make the right decisions in the first place.

You came to my show and tried to attack me with a deadly weapon, your provoked me into accepting your challenge for Wrestlemania and then you threatened to break my neck.

It was your actions that forced me into coming onto Smackdown to beat you down.

You should have thanked me for showing the self-restraint that I did. I could have easily kicked you in the skull and put you on the shelf but I instead was gracious enough to continue what's left of your career.

How did you return the favor?

You broke into my home, laid your hands on me and traumatized my wife!

The difference Triple H is that my wife didn't lay her hands on you. My wife is not a former WWE Women's champion. Yet, you intimidated her with a deadly weapon.

But still, I was gracious enough to not have you arrested.

Yet how did you repay me this time?

By putting your hands on Cody Rhodes. You tired to send a message to me by laying your hands on someone who didn't provoke you, I guess you and your wife have more in common than I thought.

Then on Smackdown you have the nerve to call me a coward?

I warned you, I was going to have to do something horrible.

I gave you advanced notice but you insisted on trying to call my bluff. Every bit of the beating you got was self-inflicted. None of this would have happened to you if made the right decisions in the first place.

What I did to your wife was a consequence of the decisions that you made.

You broke my wife's sense of safety so I broke your spirit.

I enjoyed watching you cry as I did it. I enjoyed seeing the look in your eyes when you realized that there was nothing you could do but sit there and watch me enjoy the control that I  had earned.

I'm not sorry Triple H. I don't pity you and I don't respect you.

You may have one been the "The Game" but evolution has passed you by.

At Wrestlemania XXV, my date with destiny will mark the end of your game. Your days of being on top, days of being happy, are coming to an end.

When I stand above your broken body at Wrestlemania XXV as the new WWE Champion, I want you to know that you brought all of this upon yourself.


Randy Orton


That letter of course people, is a work of fiction. So please don't waste your time attacking Randy Orton for something he didn't write. He's a performer and what he does is scripted. His role limits him in what he might be able to say so this letter might shed some light on the "speculation" of what might be going through Orton's head.

I'm analyzing the character Orton portrays on television so let's keep the discussion civil and treat it as we would a storyline.

With that being said, I'd love to hear your feedback.


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