Watch LeBron Get Leveled on a Dirty Flagrant Foul

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistDecember 12, 2012

Locked in a slugfest, things got a bit rough in the process between the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors Wednesday night.

Here you see LeBron James go up for a layup, completely blowing by David Lee, who gives him a forearm right to the elbow. It was a dirty foul for sure, giving Lee a flagrant-1.

The craziest part about it all is that LeBron was absolutely leveled by Lee, hit the ground hard directly onto his right shoulder, stayed there for no more than five seconds and popped right up.

Any other normal human being would have been rolling around for the rest of the half, and there's no way they would be able to stand up and shoot free throws a few seconds later.

LeBron's ability to take the contact and recuperate in the span of just over a minute to come back and sink both free throws is pretty impressive.

Lee's hit was unnecessary contact, falling under the flagrant-1 category, but it wasn't excessive, so it seems that the referees made the right call in not throwing Lee out of the game.

The two teams played very hard throughout this one, but it never really stepped over the line. This foul just seemed to be more of a desperation move by Lee in order to keep LeBron from scoring.

Was it dirty? For sure. But it was never a move meant to purposefully hurt LeBron.