Which Players Have the Worst Body Language in Entire NFL?

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2012

Which Players Have the Worst Body Language in Entire NFL?

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    They say body language speaks volumes.

    That’s just as true in the NFL as it is anywhere else.

    Obviously, winning projects an aura of confidence and positive body language from almost any NFL player who makes a big play to push his team to victory. But conversely, when the you-know-what hits the fan, bad body language usually rears its ugly head for this these particular NFL stars.

    Just who has the worst body language in pro football? Read on to find out.

    And don’t let these players’ negative mannerisms get you down.

Jay Cutler

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    A strong case can be made that Jay Cutler displays the NFL’s worst body language.

    When things go wrong, Cutler takes on the persona of a full blown prima donna. From Mike Tice to Mike Martz, Cutler has a history of lashing out against his offensive coordinators on the sidelines during games.

    Fans who watched Chicago’s 23-10 thumping by the Packers back in Week 2 saw vintage, pouty Cutler on full display.

Cam Newton

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    It’s safe to say Cam Newton hasn’t taken too well to this whole adversity thing.

    Newton hasn’t quite had the same winning percentage as a pro that he had at the junior college and SEC levels. And that has been quite evident at times this NFL season—especially during some of Newton’s depressing post-game press conferences with the Carolina Panthers.

    After a bad loss to the Giants early in the season, Newton could barely bring himself to make eye contact with reporters after the game. And after a loss to the Falcons, Newton urged the media to create a suggestion box to critique his play.

    The folks at NFL Network took Newton’s request to heart.

Tom Brady

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    It’s hard to believe a great champion like Tom Brady makes this list.

    However, Brady’s bad body language pops up like a zit on prom night during the rare instances when things aren’t going well for the Patriots. At times, he’s been seen yelling at players for missing assignments.

    Other times, he’s berating referees and demanding roughing the passer calls, like against the Ravens back in the 2009 regular season. And who can forget his depressed, slumped stature in a half-hearted fetal position following New England’s Super Bowl loss to the Giants last season?

    Some fans took the liberty of calling that act of pouting “Bradying.”

Ndamukong Suh

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    There’s bad body language in the NFL, and then there’s dirty body language, and the Lions’ Ndamukong Suh has shown tons of it over the years.

    That dirty body language has reared its ugly head on Thanksgiving Day the past two years. Last year, Suh was ejected from the game and subsequently suspended following his stomping of Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith on the holiday.

    And this past Thanksgiving, Suh “accidentally” kicked Houston quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin. Suh claimed it was unintentional.

    But it’s very doubtful Schaub’s genitals agreed with Suh’s verdict. 

Ahmad Bradshaw

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    Everyone knows about the phenomenon of road rage.

    But Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw certainly possesses football rage. Through his outbursts this season, Bradshaw has certainly made the case that he needs anger management.

    Against the Redskins at MetLife Stadium a few weeks ago, Bradshaw was caught on camera hitting wide receiver Victor Cruz in the back of the head, arguing with coach Tom Coughlin and slamming his helmet against the bench.

    Some will say that Bradshaw is a true competitor and is just expressing his frustration. Well, Giants quarterback Eli Manning is also a true competitor. But he doesn’t express his frustration in such a way that makes it seem like someone cut him off on the Long Island Expressway.

Randy Moss

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    When things don’t go his way, nobody puts on the bad body language show quite like Randy Moss. There have been cases during his career when Moss has quit on plays and walked off the field before the game was over.

    And who can forget about Moss’ return to Foxborough immediately following his mid-season trade from the Patriots to the Vikings back in 2010? In that game, Moss was disinterested to say the least, catching one whole ball for eight measly yards.

    After the game, Moss lavished so much praised on his former Patriots team that it made even the most loyal New England nauseous. Moss was released by Minnesota shortly after that fiasco.