MLB 13 the Show: Bryce Harper Is First Candidate in Vote for Cover Athlete

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 12, 2012

image from MLB 12 The Show
image from MLB 12 The Show

The awards have come seemingly non-stop for Bryce Harper since 2010.

In the last two years he's won the Golden Spikes Award, been the first overall pick in the MLB Draft, selected to play in the All-Star Game, won NL Rookie of the Year and now he has a chance to be the cover athlete for Sony's MLB 13 the Show.

That is one heck of a two-year run. Oh yeah, and he's only 20 years old.

The most recent honor was announced on Wednesday when Owen Good of Kotaku spoke to Ramone Russell, the community manager for Sony San Diego, the studio that has turned out the elite baseball simulation.

Harper is just the first candidate that will be up for fan voting to name a cover athlete. The other candidates will be named at a later date.

The Show is taking a path similar to that of Madden 13 and NHL 13 from EA Sports. The heads of marketing for those franchises have hosted successful, fan interactive cover votes to select who will grace the covers of their franchises.

I love the concept of the cover vote, but in the end, it's not about what's on the cover, it's about what's inside the case.

The Show has produced one of the best simulations of any sport consistently, and from the looks of things, it appears they are well on their way to continuing that tradition.

Good spoke to Russell about a few of the game's new features, such as Beginner Mode and a new first-person perspective for the Road to the Show mode.

Good writes this of Beginner Mode:

It's going to be a tutorial meant to prepare you for live play at standard difficulty. Beginner Mode will be a series of exercises in both hitting and pitching.

As a hitter, for example, you'll see what fastballs look like, then fastballs relative to a changeup and a breaking ball, and gradually be introduced to all of them, thrown to all parts of the strike zone (and outside.) On the other side of the plate, pitching will teach a player the fundamentals of location and mixing deliveries.

In regard to the changes in Road to the Show, he writes and quotes Russell:

Russell said the mode is going to be more oriented to a first-person experience this year, removing booth commentary when your player is on the field, augmenting ambient noise, and discarding immersion-breaking camera angles.

We're trying to refocus things back to on you and your player," Russell said, "hearing the onfield chatter, the base coaches telling you to get back, the crowd booing you or chanting your name, being a first-person baseball experience.

He talks about a few other changes to presentation as well. You can read the entire article here.

Having Harper on the cover will be cool, but building on the greatness the Show has already established will be even more awesome. The Show releases in March of 2013.


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