'Bladerunner' Olympian Oscar Pistorius Wins Race vs. Horse

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 12, 2012

Oscar Pistorius is still doing his best to invigorate the crowd and inspire the masses, well after the end of the Summer Olympics in London. 

A tip of the hat to Hot Clicks, who spotted this video of one man without feet beating a horse in a head-to-head race. 

If that sounds peculiar, you haven't been keeping up with the South African sprinter who competed in front of the world at the Summer Games just a few short months ago. 

The man has never turned down a race he felt could do some good to change perceptions about those with disabilities. 

Wearing his "blades," Pistorius shows this horse a thing or two about sprinting, or at least getting out of the gate in a straight line. 

The horse gets off to a shaky start but finishes with a strong gallop. As for Pistorius, he is the victor and all smiles in his post-race interview. 

The YouTube description fills us in on the particulars:

The Aspire Zone in Doha witnessed "Bladerunner", beating an Arabian horse as part of the 'Definitely Able' campaign which uses special events to highlight the exceptional feats Paralympic athletes are capable of.

It's easy to see that Pistorius is most definitely able. In fact, he has most men and this horse beat when it comes to a race. 


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