High School Mascots Lose All Sense of Decorum, Fake Fight Gets Real

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 12, 2012

Two mascots met on the basketball court to throw down fake-style, but instead went at it with the vigor of two people who don't actually like each other. 

My, that escalated quickly. 

A tip of the hat to SportsGrid, who not only spotted the video but seem to have a great deal more information as to what's going down here and why the title of the video is, "Manual and Male mascot fight":

Why yes, they take their rivalry games seriously in Kentucky. What was supposed to be a staged fight between the Male Bulldog (“Male” is the name of a Louisville high school; we don’t know the sex of the Bulldog) and the Manual Ram quickly got heated...

Both mascots lock eyes from across the floor and no doubt believe fun and games are about to ensue. At some point, it all gets too real. 

It may be the moment the Ram decides to dropkick the Bulldog. It looks like quite the aggressive maneuver for what was supposed to be nothing more than a glorified snuggle session. 

The two begin pushing while the crowd goes nuts, which I am sure further fuels students who are in full-on beast mode under those outfits. 

Thanks to a person who has never seen a mascot fight before, we get a shaky camera and then the back of a bunch of fans right when things are really getting good. 

OK, we admit we would have pretty much done the same thing. 

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