Kaitlyn: 7 Reasons She Will Be the Next Top WWE Diva

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 13, 2012

Kaitlyn: 7 Reasons She Will Be the Next Top WWE Diva

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    WWE Diva Kaitlyn is the company's best combination of looks, skill and personality. Before long, we should see her holding the Divas Championship above her head, her smile beaming out into the crowd.

    The winner of NXT’s third season is the Eve's biggest competition right now.

    The developmental territory has a number of young talented women. By the time they head to the main roster, they could find that Kaitlyn is WWE's reigning female.

    The Houston native is a hybrid of a number of talents. Should WWE decide to let her ascend to her rightful position, she could redefine what a WWE Diva is all about. 

Goofy/Fun Personality

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    There aren't a ton of women who'd be willing to dress up as Dog The Bounty Hunter or Ultimate Warrior, much less look so good doing it.

    Kaitlyn has already developed a reputation for donning ridiculous costumes and having fun along the way. That kind of free-spirited, effervescent personality could lead to fans glomming onto her.

    She is also a self-proclaimed mustache enthusiast leading her to post pictures of her cartoon self, mustache and all. Additionally, she is the best Diva at doing the robot.

    Aside from her lack of ring skills, Kelly Kelly didn't get over with fans because they just didn't care about her.

    Fans would much rather root for the fun girl than the generic chick from the sorority.

    A big part of why AJ is so in right now is because she is the kind of girl plenty of fans wish they could hang out with. Watching her doing her thing on WWE programming is as close as they're going to get.

    Kaitlyn evokes the same emotion.

Ring Skills

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    Simply put, Kaitlyn can wrestle.

    She is not prone to botches like a Bella Twin or limited to a handful of moves like many contemporary female wrestlers.

    Kaitlyn boasts a robust blend of power moves and technical savvy.

    Her matches are believable and compelling, filled with gutbusters, powerslams, crossbody blocks and DDTs.

    How much she'll be able to show those skills off is uncertain. Is WWE going to give her more than five-minute matches against Eve or Layla or will she suffer Natalya's fate of being underused?

    Likely the company will give her sporadic moments to shine.  She has the acumen to excel when called upon.

Relationship with AJ

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    For the last few months, no Diva in or out of the ring has been more hot than AJ. Kaitlyn may end up riding that relationship to the top of the WWE ladder.

    She and Kaitlyn have been both real-life and on-screen friends and that relationship could lead to either a great rivalry, a tag team or a number of other storyline options.

    Theirs has been a tenuous friendship at times, mostly when AJ loses her mind and slaps Kaitlyn in the mouth.

    One option would be for them to reprise Shawn Michaels and Triple H's friends-turned-enemies-turned-friends connection. The Divas division doesn't have many feuds to compete with and that rivalry could make Kaitlyn either the WWE's most hated or most beloved woman depending on the narrative.

    Otherwise, the option remains for AJ and Kaitlyn to remain close allies. They previously wrestled as the tag team, The Chickbusters.

    That's not a bad idea to revisit.

    That could help Kaitlyn bask in some of AJ's spotlight and eventually take over as the top diva.

Distinctive Hair

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    Like her double-colored hair or not, it stands out.

    Far too many Divas in recent years sport too similar a look. Kaitlyn's hair alone gives her some individuality.

    While it may seem trivial to discuss a wrestler's hair, it's a part of the package that can be awful, forgettable or noteworthy. In Kaitlyn's case, it's her distinctive trademark.

    She's talented enough to succeed with just about any hair color, but her current looks makes her pop out right away.

    See her once and it's hard to forget her, regardless if you see her perform or just stand around backstage.

Blend of Beauty and Brawn

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    Why we need our female wrestlers to be beautiful is a long discussion on its own, but it's the undeniable state of affairs.

    WWE is looking for hot girls to help sell their product. If they happen to be able to wrestle as well, great. 

    Kaitlyn has the radiant smile and curvaceous body to be able to sell magazines, but she also looks like a real wrestler.

    It almost didn't matter what Michelle McCool could do in the ring as she was so thin that it was hard to believe any move she performed. Kaitlyn on the other hand could take a large percentage of male fans in a shoot fight.

    She's buff, but manages to still look feminine.

    Someone like Beth Phoenix certainly looks like she could kick someone's butt, but is so masculine that it may have had some guys tune out. Shallow as that is, that's the way it is right now.

    Kaitlyn doesn't have to worry about that problem. Even with her big guns, she's a gorgeous woman who can help bring in the young, lustful teenage demographic.

    That's why she's being called a "Hybrid Diva," powered just as much by beauty as by power.

Limited Competition

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    Beth Phoenix and Kharma are both no longer a part of WWE.

    Suddenly, that leaves Natalya as the best female in-ring performer in the company with Kaitlyn a close second.

    AJ, Tamina and Eve are all talented, but neither of them are as complete a package as Kaitlyn. With such a limited field, she may not have to wait long before she gets a title run.

    With less than 10 Divas on their main roster, WWE is forced to make the top spot a carousel of sorts.

    Not every woman signed is going to get her time on top, but a good majority of them will, including Kaitlyn.

WWE Believes in Her

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    A wrestler could have all the skills in the world and still not have a lick of success if the company isn't behind him. After all, it's all scripted and if the folks who compose said scripts don't care for someone they don't get far in this business.

    Ask Steve Austin about his WCW tenure for more clarification.

    Kaitlyn, for the moment at least, doesn't have to worry about that. WWE seems to be fully behind her.

    She's been featured in several WWE magazines including an article naming her Breakout Star to Watch.

    After rising above her NXT competition, Kaitlyn has already received a few title shots and a relatively high-profile storyline with Eve.

    While WWE seems to believe Natalya's best fit is comic relief or benchwarming, WWE is currently of the mindset that Kaitlyn is a star in the making.