Big Update on the Future of WWE's Divas Division

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 12, 2012

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With its rapidly depleting roster, mediocre matches and virtually non-existent storylines, WWE's Divas Division seems to be in a bit of trouble. 

Just how many times have we seen Eve vs. Kaitlyn? Or Eve vs. Layla? Who thought putting Natalya in a romance angle with The Great Khali was a good idea? Why is the botch-prone Aksana even wrestling on a regular basis when she's clearly better utilized as a manger?

The division has been through difficult times before, but in the past year or so things have gotten a lot worse. Indeed, the days when the likes of Trish Stratus, Victoria and Lita were wrestling up a storm and getting over hugely with the fans is nothing but a distant memory now.

Let's face it: Women's wrestling in the company is now little more than a joke.

Over at, Mike Johnson has offered an update, noting that the company recognize the problems with the division and are making moves to rectify it by polling and surveying focus groups to see how audience members want women in WWE used:

WWE has started polling fans in focus groups online about what they live and don't like about the Divas division and what roles they would like to see the Divas in going forward. Some of the discussed roles beyond wrestling were love interests for the Superstars, General Managers, ringside managers, hosts for WWE programming, reality programming and dancers.

Johnson adds WWE also looked into outside-of-the-ring roles for their female performers during the polling: "The company was also looking for feedback on how Divas can be used outside of the company in crossover roles."

While it is an encouraging sign that the company is at least taking steps towards booking their women better, it remains to seen whether they are fully committed to turning things around in the division.

Sure, they can hold various focus groups and surveys, but real change will only come about with new stars, plenty of airtime on Raw and SmackDown and a booking team dedicated to taking the time and effort prepared to get their Divas over as stars.

Does the company have the patience for this?