Patriots' Stevan Ridley Rocks Onesie and Offers Dinner in Awkward Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 12, 2012

It's not enough to have a New England Patriots running back in your local commercial to sell some Cadillacs, you also have to dress him in a onesie and offer him up for dinner. 

I will forget that Stevan Ridley's meaningless fourth-quarter touchdown in Monday night's game knocked me out of my fantasy football playoffs. 

This video is just too good to ignore. 

It all starts with your run-of-the-mill local ad with a car salesman yelling in my general direction to buy some cars. That's when Ridley, "a professional football player," comes out rocking a sweet onesie. 

Well, this Chan Whiting guy has to wear the same thing if he wants the star power of this "professional football player" to remain on screen. 

We then get to see car guy get dressed—for what purpose, we have no idea. 

The two then join forces to deliver all the information you need on these sweet rides. Well, car guy delivers info, Ridley kind of just mumbles in the background about things like his shoes and something inaudible about the 2013 SRX. 

Then comes dinner with this real-live "professional football player." All you have to do is buy or lease a freaking Cadillac. 

Hey honey, we can't go on that day trip in our new Caddy because I have a damn dinner date with some "professional football player."


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